Friday, November 30, 2007

Eva Cassidy - Autumn Cassidy

Beautiful piece of song that originally sang by Nat King Cole. Eva made this song fresh and soothing yet give you this sad feeling of losing someone.

R.I.P Eva Cassidy. Your talent will forever remember and cherish.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another version

Say That You Love Me - JayR & Kyla

The same song Regine sing in my previous entry. This one sound more teen and sweet compare to Regine heavy ballad. I dunno whose the original singer. Some said Lea Salonga duet with Martin Nievera ...maybe. ^_^;; Btw...JayR and Kyla are Philippine artist~!!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kadang kadang kiter...

Nie malam paling buntu aku penah raser. Esok petang submission, tapi satu hapak pon aku belom muler. Memang tader idea. Memang tader motivation. Memang tak paham pon subject yg aku belajar nie. Aku dah decide nak tido...nanti kul 4-5 pagi baru bangun...semoga leh dpt ilham maser tue. Aku tak raser depressed...cumer aku tak tau aper nak wat. My ability to came out with creative idea seem to be blocked. I'm longing to be able to do creative thing again, tapi skang nie otak tersekat. Keinginan membuak buak but it won't flow from this inner brain. Haihh....


Sunday, November 25, 2007

I can explain

An amazing out of this world performance by Rachelle Ferrell. Try to listen and watch the whole clip. Skillful vocal control and technique, an accomplished pianist and multi talented artist. This is what we call TRUE singer. I have goosebumps throughout the whole clip.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hair cut....dye later

Rambut lamer...R.I.P 23/11/2007

Rambut baru....D.O.B 23/11/2007

The hair turn black again...I'll dye it later~!! ^^


Monday, November 19, 2007

Say That You Love Me

Singer - Regine Velasquez

Sad and touching song... *moody*


Friday, November 16, 2007

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros

Maxi (Nathan Lopez) is a 12-year-old effeminate gay boy who lives in the slums with his father and brothers who are petty thieves. The story primarily revolves around the conflict between his love for handsome young police officer Victor (J. R. Valentin), and his family's illegal livelihood. Neorealist in orientation, the film is a tale of lost innocence and redemption amidst the poverty of Manila's slums.

Maxi behaves like a girl, wearing clips in his hair and bangles on his wrists. He is teased by neighbors and former school friends. His sexuality is, however, fully accepted by his two brothers and by his father. One night he is accosted by two men who attempt to molest him, but his is saved by the appearance of Victor. Victor does not have a girlfriend, and his sexuality is never revealed. He rebuffs Maxi's advances, even when the boy steals a kiss, only affectionately stoking the boy's head.

After Maxi's father is arrested. Maxi resists Victor's attempts to renew their friendship. The closing scene shows Maxi walking past Victor who has parked by the roadside on Maxi's way to school. He ignores Victor as he passes him, hesitates momentarily as he crosses the road, then goes on his way.

Shuun Reviews:-

Finally. done watching this film few minutes ago. My prediction was right all along. The film was marvelous and simple. Strong storyline and was deliver in a very natural way. I like how they projected the family theme inside the film. A father that work hard to support the family, eventho in a wrong way;stealing phone and sell it. Two elder brother that really close to each other and a younger brother that dedicated to the family and do all the housework. And more important, they not even complaining about their current life and situation. Nathan Lopez play the role as Maxi done a very great job as a feminine little boy. I my self impress on how he could act like queer even better then queer it self. Nathan is a normal straight boy btw. Theres a few uncensored scene that add more flavor to the film.(not for sexual purposes). I like the scene where Maxi couldn't stop staring at Victor while puts on his cloth after bathing;especially the underwear parts...hehehe!!!. It kinda trigger my childhood memory. The part where Maxi took care an unconscious injured Victor really touches me. It so sad and sweet. I thot it was the sweetest scene ever in any movie I had seen before. Who can imagine a 12 years old boy can do so much that even we the normal people rarely do to someone we love. The film ended in a most satisfying way. Maxi goes to school and Victor watch and following him inside a car. Victor park his car at the side of the road and Maxi walk passed him hesitate momentarily to seeing him before proceeding on his way to school. At the end of credit rolls also a clips shows Maxi folding a cloth(girl cloth I think) and put it inside a box.

So, my conclusion is, Maxi still love Victor just like before and same goes to Victor. Maxi also end up follow what Victor said on going back to school eventho Maxi tell him that he doesn't need to go to school anymore as long as he knows how to write and read. The last scene while the credits roll is the most important one. I guess Maxi have decided to change and becoming a normal boy for his sake, his family and also..........Victor.

Anyway, I rate this film: A


Monday, November 12, 2007


Rindu game nie. Recommmended too everyone yg suker face pace gameplay. Still suker game nie sampai skang. Evergreen gitu. tapi sayang game nie tak baper standout maser release dulu sebb org masih kener saiko ngan game Diablo.(kebetulan Diablo 2 release at the same year) T_T But this game are among the most stable game ever develop. Tak caya, gie main solo. Tader sikit pon error or bug...except minor bug kat multiplayer...pon tue tak ketara sgt. Graphic sgt la best. Feel more realistic and alive compare too other game with the same genre. Eventho the game was created in 2D environment, but the game designer creatively manipulate it into 3D. That a lot of work for sure. So what can I say is it a crossover between 2D and 3D.

Anyway...nak start tulis report pasal game nie. Submittion esok lak tue...pagi...haiiiyoo~!!!