Friday, July 31, 2009


No...nothing. Don't have anything to do right now except thinking of creative idea for my photography assignment. For the time being, I just sitting here in front of my PC, browsing the net for anything that can make my brain cells kick their way around the membrane. Next week is midterm trimester break, and I'd plan to do some shooting around JB and Kota Tinggi...and of course alone since I need to follow my own sweet time.
I've been maintaining my body weight for month now, so its around 75kg more or less. Do some exercise regularly, became my routine nowadays since my body lack of stamina and endurance, now is the better time to increase it. And also I become addicted to HL milk. about starting drinking milk after hating it for so long. Think positive...good for your bones.

Sorry no interesting news for life is boring.

Enjoy this MTV. From Russion extremely talented composer - Igor Krutoi


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A letter from Lara to Celine

This was taken and translated from Lara Fabian new album "Toutes les femmes en moi"

Dear Céline, "My" Dear Céline

A feeling of belonging...

Beyond that vocal family we 're part of, I want to share with you my first emotion I felt when I was 12, when I heard your voice for the very first time. I had never seen your face, however I was hearing myself in your voice... as if I had in front of me, a cousin I had never met, who would confort me whith this feeling of déjà vu, already known, almost a likeness...

I, who's a single child, I've always search for "one" best friend. That is what you've been in my secrets.

Every night, when time to sleep came, I was hiding in my bed whith my walkman on, listening to your casette I would listen over and over. " c'est mon rêve de toujours au bout des plus mauvais jours tu es là, tu es là..."

Your voice would fill my ears, and eventually I could match a face with the voice.

At dawn, I knew you by heart, each subtle singsong, I would follow note by note your musicality, your passion, sung like only your voice can give colors to the harmony...

At the annual school talent, I was 13 and I would show off covering your songs.

For lack of any instrumental, I would sing over your voice.

In order not to sound out of place, I would do the harmony, and my teenage dream would fulfill: I was singing with you , for the time of a virtual duet...

I was given a standing ovation, I made it in front of my peers in high school. Were you here to hold my hand?

And by some kind of magic, I left here to live in your country, took the Canadian nationality, and ended meeting you...too briefly...

It was my turn to try my luck....A first album, a second one, and always inspired by your great voice, I would grow up. I won't tell you the rest of the story, it doesn't matter.

However, what I'd like to tell you, is what I was never allowed to tell you. Because I would have never imagined that Love and absolute Admiration that we give to our peers, could be a weapon people are using against us...

At last...from my letter to your eyes, from my voice to your ears, I can now tell you: Yes, I admire you, indeed...

Whenever my way seemed tough, I would take from your blatant perseverance to carry on my journey... The lesson I learns from you, is that we 're going nowhere and we're becoming nothing by competing with others...but we're getting better if we look ahead to become the best of oneself.

You've been my greatest influence, my biggest emotions, the reason for most of the tears I shed...

I still dream that we are at a table, laughing at the complicity we would eventually share. Under a same sky, you'd be a star, the color of a diamond. I'd be a moon crescent, we would dance around the earth where your truly unique voice echoes again and again...

See you soon, somewhere...

p.s: I really thought Lara is very sincere with her own feeling and what she wrote was true. She being compared to Celine way too long now, start from the Eurovision, her breakthrough English album up until now. I really thought people should stop those stupid comparison. And Lara also tired of hearing all those critics bout her for imitating Celine voice, or wanna topple Celine position as the next big voice in music industries. Celine is Celine, and Lara will be Lara even if this world turns upside down. Celine voice is what she is, same goes to Lara...both are different. Only that, they both were born with the same tone voice. In my opinion, both Celine and Lara really admirer each other talent...eventho they didn't say it nor show it in the past. Celine management constraint her for doing so, and for Lara, the perception of people from inside the music industries itself. Now Lara had made it clear, I dunno whether Celine gonna do the same thing or at least reply the letter, privately.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Guess I Love You

Sangat susah nak jumper artis kat Malaysia nyanyi lagu Lara Fabian. Salute habis kat Misha sebab berani bawak lagu nie eventho she does look struggle, a very hard song to deliver; its Lara song we talk about, she wrote and sang it. Lara fans should know better. :D

Vocal wise, Misha have her own trademark and identity. She try to makes this song her own. She knows her voice limitation and capability, in this case that big punching voice that Lara have. But doesn't mean she's not good. Misha still among the best Malaysia female vocalist nowaday. Give around of applause to Misha Omar.

I was really really hoping to see more Malaysia artist do cover of Lara song. "Intoxicated" maybe...or the majestic and powerful "Adagio"...or the heartwrenching "Broken Vow".