Saturday, January 31, 2009

Start and End

Final Delta year, 3rd trimester, most important time for us Digital Media and others FCMers. Happy? Yeah...kinda. Eventho this is not my official semester coz I still got Photography need to be taken right after Trimester 3 end, it still feels sad, not to mention to increasing tension of FYP. So, probably this gonna the last trimester I will be able to meet my beloved Digital Media classmates, or should I say junior. Its been a wonderful time this 3 years of study in DM class with everyone. This gonna be our last time seeing each other, struggling, supporting each other...this final 4 month. Do our best this final trimester. DM-ians are the best and we gonna prove it.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finger throbbing...

I had started my part-time job for 4 days now. Do it online coz the company only need scanned version high resolution of the artwork. So the progress, just send the first file this morning. 5 A4 with 10 images each equal to 50 images. The price range also fair enough. Need to do at least 150++(3 times submission per week) images per week to get my monthly payment target. Work my ass off tho. And I so gonna love this work...seriously. XD;;
Sambung keje lg. :D


Saturday, January 24, 2009


So I had becoming those hyperventilating and delusional Twilight fans like seriously. Or should I say I’m hooked with Stephenie Meyer stuff lately. So I spend my “food to survive in hostel” cash to buy 3 of her novel and cost me around RM130. I get my self Twilight, New Moon and The Host. Finished Twilight and New Moon, currently indulging my self with The Host and spending like 3 - 4 hours of good reading in this horny room of my every day pass midnight. My usual reading time is around 1a.m till 5a.m coz night time and soundless atmosphere (ignore other background sound….air-cond, cicak, unexplainable) heighten my mood just one notch from above standard. And since it is midnight…no one knows for what I am going to do to my self or act while reading books/novel. Only God knows. It’s Nobody business anyway.

So what really great bout Meyers stuff? I like the way she wrote, like in Twilight series, she wrote as if she put her self in Bella situation. No formal speaking…just a real way of communication being put in words. Simple language, sarcasm intentionally or unintentionally, cursing…etc. Most important, very sincere. These novels were targeted for female audiences, so you can expect those wild fantasies of a teenage girl that just knew about first love. Even for me, I had some trouble gone through certain pages that had some long elucidation of Bella fantasies. You know what I mean if you read the book. If you are the kind of people enjoy voyeurism, you going to be very delight by this book. I am…only in certain time or when my libido is going wild.

My favorite character; I should say Bella, Alice and Jacob. I’m in Jacob team…give me my G-String!! Bella and Alice had a number of criteria a girl of my dream. Jacob…well his tall(6'5'' he mention), brown and hunky for 16 years old teenager…that should explained it(do I sound like a desperate pedo here..?). Bella is so normal, always got in trouble…or should I say “trouble” really attracted to her and causing much more grief to anyone around and herself, love sarcasm and use it like every time she opened her eyes and had balance problem(reason she hates dancing and causing more harm to others while do P.E). Alice is more pixie and petite kind of girl with extraordinary sense of fashion…bizarre in certain cases (pity you Bella). XD Her vibe is the thing I like her the most. Those graceful moves, the way she talk, the word she spoken.

Going to continue The Host and search around JB whether I can find Eclipse and Breaking Dawn…soon, or else I will get really agitated.

I didn't own the image. Credit to it respected owner.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Double meaning...

Today my mom cooked Asam Pedas Ikan Cermin and ikan parang goreng. So I usually won't comment much bout the food coz I eat everything that being cook by mom. Tak memilih la kirenyer. So we had our dinner after father came back from surau for Isyak prayer. Wat Milo Fuse Mocha panas yg sedap...pergh!!! Memang terangkat...koyak kain pelikat aku. So tgh sedap nikmati the food...borak cam biasa.

Ayah: Keter Waja dah nak bagi abg~!!
An: Alaaa......!!! :(
Ayah: Ayah nak beli Satria~!! :D
Yan: Yang Uncle Loqman nak jual tue ker?
Ayah: Ehh...maner tau~!? *ala ala terkejut*
Yan: Ehh...ayah yg bitau!!!
Ayah: Ohh....yer ker~!?? :D
Yan: Keter kaler aper?
Ayah: Tak tau lak~!! Hm..
Ibu: An bawak Perdana V6 ibu...~!!
An: Tak nak...tak sker keter beso panjang~!!
Ayah: Kan best bawak V6?
An: Takleyh nak lasak lasak sgt...keter mahal~!!
Ibu: *jeling pastue senyum*
An: bukan nak guner sgt pon keter...klu kejer KL public byk~!!
Ayah: Ehh...kejer JB jer senang~!!
An: Tgk offer camner...hehehe~!!!
Ayah: Satria bg kat ibu..senang nak gie memaner~!!
An: Abis la ya dpt satria...vroomm vroom~!!
Yan: Hehehe....vroom vroom!!!
Ayah: Tatau keter tue gie maner klu bagi Ya~!!
An: Bib dah wat keje sekolah?
Bib: Blom lg. Alaa...awal lg~!! *Jam dah kul10 mlm*
Ayah: Byk tak?
Bib: Skit jer~!!
Ibu: Skit-skit bib tue sampai tgh mlm~!! Ngantuk ibu tunggu~!! *expression org tgh tension*
Ayah: Skit bib tue sederhana ker byk? *sambil kunyah makanan*
Bib: Errm...sederhana.. :D *muker innocent*
An, Ibu, Yan: TAKLEYH PERCAYA~~!!!
Ibu: Pasnie naik siapkan dulu~!!
Bib: *mulut komat kamit*
Ibu: Saper ckp Asam Pedas kurang masin td? Bib ek?
Bib:...ehhh?? Tader la...~!! @_@
Yan: Bukan Ya ek...ya tak ckp!! An yg ckp!!
An: A'ah...mmg kurang masin skit~!! *mengunyah*
Ibu: An kuat masin...tak elok!!! Eiii...!!! Dah cukup masin dah kuah nie!!
An: Hehehe...dah lamer tak makan makanan kat umah kot~!! :D
Ibu: Ehh...ratah la ikan parang goreng tue~!!
An: Tgh ratah nie pon~!! *kunyah*
Yan: *kunyah*
Ayah: Bib...nak telur ikan nie tak?
Bib: Ermm..taknak...~!!
Ayah: Sedap nie...byk anak ikan dlm telur nie~!! :D
An: Leceh tul nak mkn ikan cermin nie...halus sgt tulang~!! *mengomel*
Ibu: Alaaa...dah tentu anak ikan cermin. Ibu cumer dpt beli yg kecik2 jer. Yg beso dah abis kat pasar~!!
An: Ohhh~!!! *mengunyah*
Yan: Anak cermin~!! *mengunyah isi ikan*
An: Untuk?? *pandang Yan*
Yan: Haaa?? Anak cermin~!!
An: Yer la...utk aper? *terkejut*
Yan: O__________O;;
Ibu: HAHAHAhahaha~!! Anak cermin? Untuk? Hahahaa...!!!
An: Ehhh~!!?? Awat? Bukan ker ya tanyer "An nak cermin?"...? Tue yg jawab untuk aper... *terpegun*
Ayah: *sedaya upaya tahan ketawa...*
Yan: Bukan la..!!!! Ya ckp anak cermin...ikan tue haa!!! *gelak giler*
An: Laaa.....yer ker!!! An dengor bender lain....ngaaa~!!!
Yan: Dah tentu tgh ckp pasal ikan cermin nie~!!! Hahaha...~!!
Bib, Ibu: *still ketawa histeria*
An: Lengkali bitau full sentence...maner la an tau!!
Ayah: Sebut anak ikan cermin...anak cermin mmg org tak paham~!! *nada serius...muker cam tgh struggle tahan ketawa*
Ibu: Anak cermin.....Untuk...hahaha~!! *ketawa lg*
An: Oitt...cukup cukup la nak telan makan pun susah!!! Susah tul kalau bender double meaning nie~!! pifff....
Ibu: Hahaha...tambah nasik an....ader kuah asam pedas skit lg nie~!!
An: Kenyang dah nie...burger abg zaini lom mkn lg~!! :D
Ibu: Nanti jgn luper buang sampah!!
An: Okeyh~!!

So tue la conversation time dinner td~!! Menikmati waktu relax sementara terluang~!!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

What if...

I'm an animal...what kind animal that really can be resemble or close to my personality?

No..I don't know my self...other people perception are more meaningful.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Abg Padi

He was there, after so long not seeing him. Plus his the one that take the order and handle the bill payment. I'm so gonna faint on the spot with that eye contact...seriously. So, because of my happy mood I'm gladly tips him tonight. And its the second time...and sure there gonna be third and fourth and so on.

Hahaha...I can't sleep tonight for sure.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Had lunch in Street Mall. Nice day, good day, windy, heaven drops like morning shower, short but good enough to cool down hell on earth. Not lucky day tho. Something happen. Not meant to happen but cause by someone else. But it seems everything settle...even with the rage and flaming boiled head. I upset...everyone is. But then, everything that happen must have a reason. I try to reason with myself...

Talking to Tasha and Ezreen after finish our lunch. Tasha came with an idea of naming her future son and daughter. I thought of it some time ago but never took it seriously like today. So we start discussing all those beautiful, unique, bizzare, tongue twisting, almost "surreal" name that had the probability of being first in this seriously.. So after much squeezing all my creative juices from this retarded brain...I got hand full of name that I think I really like and hoping of using it in the future...and foresee the possibility of being thrown with kitchen appliances if my future wife doesn't agree.

So here the list:-

1)Ezrifan Firman
2)Ezrifan Farqeem
3)Ezresha Fadhah
4)Ezresha Fathiah
5)Esyraff Faqrullah
6)Edhan Ferqaff

If you ask bout the meaning of each name..sorry, I have no idea but later I check if in case some name I made up had negative meaning.

So, have you decide what name to put for your future son and daughter...?

p.s: All the name above COPYRIGHT TO ME. Hehehe..


Monday, January 5, 2009


Am I?
So frazzle this 2-3 days, and this blocked nose doesn't give any sign of leaving anytime soon. Will endure it as much as my nose can handle and I already makes friends with Panadol Cold and Flu.
Everything makes me fretful and fidgeted.