Monday, August 31, 2009


J: Aren't you tired Shuun...of everything that had happen?
S: Yeah, really tired. But what can I I have a choice.
J: You still have me tho if need anything. I can lend you my ear...or at least my shoulder if it not too much.
S: That is why I love you J. Thanks for the comfort.
J: Love you too.



Orange sky

A child eyes watch the sunset...
Not knowing how the phenomena happen
but he can understand and appreciate
it is beautiful
it is majestic
it is magical
but he also know one thing
it is sad...
Can the sun rise and set as beautiful as today



Thursday, August 27, 2009


...and it just came out
the urge of letting it go from inside the mouth
to sing a song alone, silently...
realizing how lonely it is this life



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love of Siam

I'd been hesitated to watch and do review of this film for quite a while now. There's few reason behind it, but I won't write in detail. Ok first thing first, I stumble upon this film while browse through Thailand film festival site early this year(it may sound very wierd...but yes, its a habit for me to do so just to find quality film). After doing some additional research on the film back ground, I decide to give it a try.

So I downloaded the film(I doubt Malaysia gonna allow it to be screen here...), and I brace myself knowing that this film gonna hit me really hard. And it does. Its embarassing but yeah...I cry. A LOT. Its not because the film was sad, ok...its kinda sad and it had some melancholy moment, but because of what the character experience, what he longing for, what he feel toward the other person, the loneliness of being alone and not being love, putting some hope that the person he love can return back the love to him. Its also show the value of irreplacable childhood friend. I've experience it and had suffer for the passed years...thats why I cry. I'm not trying to be sissy boy here(use to be called during school), but I've thing for "childhood friend" and its "relationship".

About the acting, in my opinion Pitch potrayed Mew extremely well. I put my concentration more on his facial expression just to see how well he expressed it. Well he done very good job there. When he was happy, his face really is happy and honest, when can feel the pain, and when he cry...its heart breaking. As for Mario, he done his part equally great. Kanya potray as Ying is my favorite leading supporting actress. But overall, it was Pitch that touched me most...and he can sing and play piano brilliantly. Ohh..I must agree to what people had said that Mario and Pitch had a every good chemistry in this film.

I give this film overall rating 4.8/5

p.s: ok...I feels like crying whenever recall back certain scene in the film...*sob*



Friday, August 21, 2009

The Sixth Station

The Sixth Station - Spirited Away
Composer: Joe Hisaishi

...and the song really capture that feeling the moment the journey start. Those who had experience far distance journey by bus or train can understand how it feel. Gazing out of the window, watching the orange sky, mountain, road passed by...there really something that cannot be describe by word. Melancholy yet its not sad, lonely but we not really that alone. Its a surreal feeling, like you been transcend to another world where watching things passed by is part of your life and experience...and it become nostalgic.

p.s: Try listen this song while traveling in train...before you know it, that "feel" will instantly come.



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Night of 23

It was kinda peaceful and calm night
For the first time it does not bother much
or rather I never expect much from the beginning
so age really do some significant miracle to your brain
or is it another way round
I wonder


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Premonition of love

Inoue Yosui - Koi no Yokan

Anzen Chitai - Koi no Yokan

Well the song kinda summarize my current feeling...

p.s: love both version...


Friday, August 7, 2009

Disguise and Disgust

I'm just a devil disguise as an angel
Soon it gonna bleed deeper and I will lost my way
Without knowing the real purpose of own actions
Smile will never again conceal the fact
That I'm a bad person
Had become my natural way of living
Such a disgusting way of walking in this world
Knowing that the white feathered wing
Cannot send me fly to heaven...
Not that it ever flaps...not even once
Deep inside, I still wish for it to happen...
But, devil don't deserve such miracle
or blessed with golden bell