Saturday, June 30, 2007

New chapter started again

I live alone again in my apartment again like what I have been through many times before. My current housemates having his intern in Klang so seldom come home, and another one will move out tomorrow. The problem now is the rental since I need to bank in before 7th every month, and now need to pay for the unemployed middle room. Need to discuss with my intern housemate and also house owner whether can reduce the rental for next month so we can search for housemate. Hopefully we can find new housemate as soon as possible. If theres no one, then I guess, I need to find other single room tho I actually already comfortable with the current house I'm living. At least it peaceful and can see MMU from here. Very windy. 2 years living here and yet feel like so short.

I guess thats all for now. Here the information bout the room.
Block C2 8 12 Type C middle room RM330. 1 person but prefer 2 person. Malay or Chinese.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Kener tag by Ren in her blog. Since I'm so free now...wat jer la bender alah nie...~!! Heheheh~!!
First choose your gender, if you are a guy or girl, do the questions respective to your own gender… For those… erm.. Bisexual, you may do both of them! Just answer those questions and can tag up to 10 people, or no one, whichever suits…

P/S: I'm originally do both of coz~!!


1.What do you look at when you see a girl? The boobs or the butt?
The bon bon la~!!! XD

2.How do you feel about plus size women? Would you date her?
No problem!! Whats important is inside. Outside is no.3!! I'm being honest here!!

3.Choose between your mom or you girlfriend.
MOM no matter what~!! No girlfriend also can live!!! No mom,...I wanna die~!!

4. Your place or mine tonight?
Which one have more romantic enviroment? ;))

5.There is a hot gal at the party? How would you approach her? Would you do it if you are already attached?
Nah...I don't really care. Setia pada yg satu...yg lain tue cuci mata jer~!!

6.Where or what would you with your hot date if you are on a budget?
Come to my house and I cook for her my secret virgin boy recipe~!!!

7.She has a stain on her shirt at her chest area. Would you tell her?
Yups. Straight forward is the best...and do it in appropriate way la...try not to embarrassed her~!!

8. She spends more time with her gay best fren that hang out wit you. Would you be jealous?
Nope. It's her choice. I hate controlling others freedom even if she is my girlfriend~!! XD

1.What turns you on? Guys in boxers or guys in brief or nothing at all?
Brief and tight jean~!! Yummy!!! Naked just too much and erotic for my virgin eyes~!! mwahaha~!!

2.Would you buy flowers 4 a guy as a present?
Why not? But I prefer something that he can kept necklace or ring~!! *underwear also can...and he wears smexy*

3.If your bf doesnt have a car, would you u drive him around?
Of course. can show how terrible I am in driving~!! >XD;; But prefer him driving...coz I easily lost concentration while driving.

4.Hot guy in a party, would you approach him? If yes, how?
Ermm...maybe...or maybe not. Try to observe from far how he behave and see whether he act gedik or gentlemen~!!! Then proceed to second plan...~!! XD

5.Is size really that important?
Average at best is my choice~!!!

6.He is the guy of your dreams.Would you play hard to get?
Nope. Best girl wins...and if I stay calm and believe that one day luck at my side...maybe he will falls to me~!! ^_^ Patient babe~!!!

7.He is an hour late for your date. Would you still go out with him on that date or have a girls night out?
Go out lol~!! He maybe got something urgent to do...just think good thought bout him~!! He definitely love me even more~!! *tho I know many story opposite of it*

8.You burped when you are kissing. How would you handle this situation?
Say sorry and apologize like mad~!!! XD Then he will kiss me even more~!!!!

Hehehehe...thats all~!! Sesaper yg terasa nak wat tag nie wat la...and don't forget send me the link~!! XD


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hmm...I don't know whether I'm have a delirium or not but I can confirm that I'm a really forgetful person and easily spacing out. I can't concentrate toward something for too long or else I will lost to somewhere else. Usually something that had some distant away from my view. I can't explain how it feels but it empty and silence. Like suddenly you become deaf and dumb. Even if I'm alone(most of the time) still occur in a snap. Huhuhu...I wonder if it a sign that my body not in good condition anymore. Its not good to begin with after all. With my high blood pressure and hypertension. But I guess can't avoid it.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Theres no escape from problem

I thought that if I stay calm everything will flow as if there is nothing can't be solve. But yet "problem" is something that unavoidable and must be confront no matter what and how it look like. The current condition is just great, but it won't last like I imagine. Time change it and it also changed my self. Maybe the time for the old "time" to be replace for new one had come. It still leave me with many question and whether I can accept it or not since I still live in "my own world" and seperated from "outside world". It won't change.


Saturday, June 23, 2007


Waaa...not updating this blog for more then a week now. Garghh...not much to be told here. First week of Gamma year already pass. So far so good. Got one assignment to settle and submit next week...still doesn't have any progression for that assignment. Money flow like water, blame self for it. Automatic cooker doesn't work anymore. The fire won't ignite even if i try to turn it on 100x. Thanks too Kak Jue for buying new one. Hope it will last much longer. Bill and rental suck my pocket money big time...pifff. Topup all the food(rice, milo, etc). Replace old gas with new one. Cut my hair short so no need to use cream or spend time combing. Haihh....its so boring.
Something happen just just beside my residential block, someone tried to commit suicide by jumping from 11th floor. Okeyh, i felt sorry for the girl now. This problem won't happen if not because of her boyfriend un-humane act. And he kill that innocent baby inside her girlfriend and dump her. For god sake. What are you thinking doing such cruelty toward someone that really love you. I pray that bad luck fall upon you..FOREVER~!!
May god bless that pity girl.
Love is a SIN.
Can be so dangerous and backfired.
But people are Blind.
Clouded by something far from reality.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ouran High School Host Club

I'm totally addicted to this manga rite now. If the anime is great, the manga even better...and the humor just top notch!! Laugh my bontot out while reading it and will never get bored even you repeat over and over again!! XD Hatori Bisco is brilliant for sure. I want girlfren like Haruhi...hahaha!! XD

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Deep Love

Continuation from my previous entry. Just finish reading this manga and for the first time I felt this unimaginable heartache. The story from the beginning till the end told us what really happen to youth today. It so sad. If I think deeply maybe I'm also part of it. But what makes the different is the determenation of the main character (Ayu). The strong feeling to save someone you want to protect and love may require sacrificing your own pride and also, your life. But how many people would have the courage to do that?

can change...

To earn something and kept on living people need to have money. Some people said that money can buy anything. Yes, logically world nowaday had being corrupted by money plague. To certain extend "some" people also sold their virginity and their body just to gain some instant cash. Its all necessary for them to live in this cruel tainted world. But are they willingly gave up their body just for the sake of getting the cash. Many people would probably missintrepret their reason behind it since everywhere in this world people were bombard with all negative information and news that doesn't have any concrete proof. There are people suffering and yet many people just kept their eyes close as if it got nothing to do with them. Why people sold their body? Why are they do it? Enjoyment? Money? Sexual desire? Kept on living? There are 1001 possible question and only few relevant answer that many people wouldn't care to know or understand. It just show how stupid and big headed human can be in the world today.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

satisfied gak la...

Okeyh..just check my result..Hmmm, quiet satisfied with it...or should I say its by far the best cgpa. Not so high, just 2.9 but for me its good enough. Means that, next semester need to work hard for 3.0 and above. Discuss bout pointer with my father, and he said that if can next sem target at least 3.5 and above. Yeah, I promise myself and also aim for that pointer.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Crazee boya~!! >XD

Brotherly Love *incest hint*

akoo dah gemok~!! ~_~;;

HAHAHAhahaha...~!!! O_o

NGEHEEHAHAHAhhhhooo....ngaa~!! >XD

Tader keje nak wat actually so I wat keje giler nie...auww~!! *wink*

Thursday, June 7, 2007


New artwork.
Shalnark...rabu rabu~!! <3 *________*

Shalnark Hunter X Hunter (c) Yoshihiro Togashi

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

no improvement...

A remake from my friend original work. No improvement in term of drawing skill. My skill gets rusty from time to time. A sign that I'm getting old.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Habibi- Majida El Roumi

Shuun comment:-
Who ever thought that Adagio has an Arabic version~!! What a revelation. I love this women voice. Lara Fabian and Albinoni should be proud.