Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lost in Time

I don't know...or is it I'm the one that not knowing it. It feel like I lost something that I, myself didn't know. This emptiness, blank, absent-minded are just can't be explain by word. The total time that had been wasted totally off the count. The new time will continue flowing through me and yet still i can't settle what to be done and let everything become memory of the pass, and again time was wasted. Am I getting old now? In my own point of view, the answer is yes. I'm a 40 years old men trap inside 20 years old teenage boy body. There are many problem crowding my head that not even one can be solve at the nearest time. I felt worry about something that not even relevant and arguing with my unconscious ego to an extend where I'm not myself anymore.

I don't know anymore...

Gheyz being TAGGED

Got tagged by Jazlyn in her blog

[Seven Things I'm Experiencing Now]

1. A bit of headache.
2. Still coughing.
3. Gatal scalp
4. Sleepiness
5. Feel like writing something
6. Listening to Lara Fabian music
7. My body smell so good.

[Seven Things I'm Thinking About Now]
1. Assignment
2. My family
3. Boboi
4. Start drawing new artwork
5. Showering
6. Creative comm report
7. Sleeping?

[Seven Things I'm Worrying About]
1. Life after graduate
2. My semester CGPA
3. Family
4. Assignments and exams
5. Boboi
6. My weight
7. Running out of food

[Seven Things I'm Happy About]
1. Family love
2. Friends love
3. Knowing someone love me
4. I have artistic talent from my mother
5. My voice
6. Proud mix Malay + Jawa
7. Myself

[Seven People I Treasure]
1. Family
2. Boboi
3. Everyone who knew me a treated me so kindly
4. My "boyfriend"

[Seven Things I Always Touch or Come In Contact With]
1. Mouse
2. Handphone
3. Small mirror
4. Mp3 player
5. Keyboard
6. Face
7. Hair

[Seven Things I Want to Improve]
1. Studies
2. Art skill
3. Driving skill
4. Computer
5. Makes friends with more people
6. Less ignorant
7. Vocal skill

[Seven Things I'm Strong In]
1. Chatting xxx thing
2. Drawing
3. Blogging
4. Understand Jawa language
5. Cold showers lol
6. Eat 3 pots of rice
7. My ego is hard to break

[Seven Things I'm Weak In]
1. Math is hell
2. Communication in English
3. Can't live without rice
4. Drawing body proportion
5. Hold to what I'm believing
6. Bad temper
7. Handsome and good looking boy

[Seven Things I Adore Eating]
1. All my mom foods
2. Rice
3. Egg
4. Chicken is my love
5. French Fries
6. Chocolate ice cream (any brand should do)
7. Own cook food

[Seven Things I Adore Drinking]
1. Hot lime juice
2. Milo
3. Milo + Nescafe
4. Tea
5. Nescafe
6. Fresh orange
7. Plain water

[Seven Things I Detest]
1. Arrogant
2. "I know it all" kind of people
3. Onion
4. MMU security
5. Expensive and bad taste food
6. I'm tall
7. People backstabbing me

[Seven Things I Cannot Live Without]
1. Religious
2. Family
3. Food especially rice
4. Oxygen
5. Water
6. Internet
7. Friends

[Seven Things I Fear to Show]
1. Exam result
2. My soft side
3. My skin
4. My passion over someone
5. My obsession over Yaoi
6. My hidden talent
7. My "boyfriend"

[Seven Things I'll Never Want to Talk About]
1. Don't argue bout religious with me
2. My faith
3. Sexual orientation
4. Don't ever talk something bad bout my family or you die
5. Private life
6. Personal struggling and problem
7. My "boyfriend"

[Seven Things I Will Want to Do]
1. Finish all assignment
2. Study for coming exams
3. Reduce some fat on my waist line
4. Look up to him till I achieve my goal
5. Support family with my on money
6. Become millionaire
7. Sharpening my art skill
8. Love my "boyfriend" even more

[Seven Things I Will Never Play Around When/With]
1. Religious
2. Family
3. Assignment
4. Faith
5. Own ego
6. Others feeling
7. Love

[Seven Things I Wonder About]
1. My occupation after graduate
2. Is it possible to create something outstanding?
3. What Boboi doing at home?
4. Can I stop growing my height?
5. Can I improve my drawing skill in short time?
6. Improving my singing ability?
7. Can I love my "boyfriend" even more?

[Seven Questions I Hope My Friends Would Respond To]
1. What they think bout myself?
2. Am I moody in a bad way?
3. Do you jealous of me or something?
4. Afraid of me?
5. Am I a cold person?
6. Am I too open minded?
7. Am I too impatient?

[Seven Things (or People) I Would Love to See]
1. Good result
2. Dean award
3. Family support
4. Lara Fabian
5. Everyone happy
6. Boboi getting fatter
7. My "boyfriend"

[Seven People I Wanna Tag]
Anyone that reading or viewing my blog.

Thank you everyone for reading my humble blog.

Friday, April 27, 2007

ermm maybe still alive

Ermm...ari isnin baru submit MCP final project. Presentation okeyh jer tapi product tue yg hancus. Banyak giler bender yg kurang eventho scripting tader problem sangat.Leyh kata error free cumer kurang animation(tader langsung actually). Haihh...silap sendirik. Patutnyer blajo awal-awal wat animation sumer. HAhahahahaha...padan muker sendirik... T_T Score kat progress jer la wat maser nie ngan first assignment. So far progress kira high lagi la. Kalau dikira overall dlm 29.5/35. The 20 percent untuk final presentation ngan submittion. Rasernyer just average jer kot Mr.Alex bagi score coz kurang interactivity. Tapi bender yg dah lepas tue terpaksa kener lepaskan. Redha jer la. Assignment lain tengah menunggu untuk disettlekankan. Submittion sumer minggu depan. Hahahaha....nak kata stress tader la sangat sebab leyh kata enjoy gak assignment kali nie. Tapi tak larat report jer. Kalau dah settle segala submittion next week agak free gak la and dah leyh concentrate ngan MMD nyer final project.

Skang nie pon ngah semangat wat Flash ngan Illustrator. Terasa best lak guner dua software nie. Hahahaha...pas tue biler guner Photoshop dah cam kekok lak. Sebab dah terbiasa function Illustrator. Hehehehe...~!! XD Dengan tablet rosaknyer lagi so semakin kurang la penggunaan Photoshop except for image manipulation.

Skang nie kat umah kawan dok wat Creative Studies paper work and lepas tue video editing. Lepas siap baru wat Creative Communication report. Sib baik org lain yg handle assignment tue and poster pon cam dah finalize. Huhuhuh....

Taper la...wat la slow slow sampai siap...~!! Ganbatte~!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ulu Yam : The Kuder Story

okeyh lah...finally i start writing this blog again after my friend kept on bugging me asking to update the latest story. Gagagagahahaha...~!!

Last week after finish interviewing at Titiwangsa, ingatkan terus balik Cyberjaya...but kak jue seem like had other plan and taking other route to somewhere i'm not familiar with. And she told us that it a shortcut(long cut for me) to go to Cyber. Okeyh...I believe her bulat bulat. We pass by Batu Cave area and go further. Sorry can't remember any signboard or locaton after Batu Caves. I'm still having a bad fever during that time. Langit pon tak cerah sangat...and hujan turun dengan lebatnyer lepas baper ketika.

And finally we seem to arrive at somewhere near Empangan Batu area. And jalan mula cerun skit. Dah macam jalan kat Genting Highland. Kiri kanan hutan tebal. And Kak Jue show us few beautiful nature spot like air terjun and the Empangan Batu. Yes...beautiful!!! Its like we traveling in a different places and not KL anymore. Feel like kampung with all the green scenery.

Hari tue gak awan ngan langit bebetul lain dari lain. So beautiful that i can't stop taking picture for like every minute. Hahahah...seriously I never obsessed with photography that much, but on that day...everything seem attracted my eyes. After few minute driving we arrive in a place call Kmebara Ulu Yam. Tempat tue cam tempat ternak kuda and also a motivation camp. Ahaaa... thats why Kak Jue drive us here, so she can tunggang kuda and we can enjoy the surrounding environment and play wit all the pony and horses. Nah...i'm not a horse person. I enjoy the scenery more then playing with the horses. The air alot more cleaner(even with the horse shit everywhere...i don't mind it at all...hehehe)

The makcik that taking care all the horses are very very very friendly. Tak raser cam janggal kalau nak berbual pasal kuder nie sumer sebab makcik tue very open-minded. She even tell us to ride on the horses and take picture or video. Since i'm still had a fever, I only sit on one of the bench and watch Kak Jue and Kak Reen molesting all the kuda.

Everyone releasing their tension that day. Assignment really had affected our time and mood to enjoy outdoor activities. Our student life becoming stressful every semester. And for me, during the day we at Ulu Yam, I'm at my peak of tension coz of submittion just around the corner. But yeah, I'm kinda forgot everything when I'm in Ulu Yam. Seen all tame pony and horses, Makes me think how lucky all the animal can live free and far from all this hectic student life.]

Sepanjang kat saner tue, cam terasa hidup kat kampung semula since I myself not spending most of my childhood time in a city area. Most of my childhood time I spend in kampung coz I like the environment. I still remember back then, I use to ikut my father goes back to kampung almost every month. Playing with all my cousin in tanah merah and around kebun are the best thing ever. I dunno why, eventho I live in the middle of city of Johor Bahru, theres nothing interest me more then going back to village.

And finally the good day end, and everyone is happy. The friendly makcik also give every each of use a drinking water that taken from natural source. Its so damn refreshing compare too water that I drink from pipe. Even my sore throat seem to settle down for sometime. Hehehehe....and everyone get drowsy after drink it coz of the relax feeling.

Hahahaha...tue jer la wat stakat nie. Grammar sumer terabur and vocab dah kembali teruk semula. Demam mmg wat otak terganggu skit eventho dah sembuh skang nie...haihh~!!

Malam nie nak kener sambung wat assign sebb minggu depan nak kener submit.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The 80's children

Tanda-tanda anda bayi tahun 80-an:

kita membesar dgn menonton G-Force,
Transformers, Thundercats,
Silver Hawk, Woody Woodpecker, Chipmunks
n Mickey Mouse.hehe.
Not to forget Ninja Turtles, Mask,
Smurfs dan Voltron.

berus gigi time waktu rehat kat skolah
rendah?...hmm, mesti pegang cawan
warna-warni kan. mencangkung kat tepi parit dgn
classmates semua kat seblah...

ingat tak,nurse kat skolah masuk kelas dgn list
dentist appointment.
Pastu bunyi gigi member kite kene gerudi kat bilik
sebelah. ada gigi yang
berlubang, kene laa tampal.

ni sure kita igt...program minum susu di skolah.
nak galakkan budak2 time
tuh minum susu. sekotak 30 sen jek beb...

cikgu2 kalau nak denda, mesti guna pembaris
panjang warna kuning tu. pukul
tapak tangan...kan?

semangkuk mi sup ke, mihun sup ke, 50 sen jek
kat kantin.

time skolah menengah,sure beli kasut
skolah Bata BM Turbo atau Pallas Jazz.
ada yang suka kasut high-cut yang buatan china
tu...ada yang suka stoking
tebal laaa...

internet? email? Menda alah ape tu?

CD? ape tu? kaset tape penah laa dgr..
Tiket wayang pun 5 inggit je.

kite pegi kedai runcit, beli Chickerdis, Mamee ,
Kum Kum, UFO, O-Ya, Ding
Dang chocolate balls yang ada mainan kat dlm die,
'telur' keras warna warni, 'rokok' chewing gum,
KIKI Bubble Gum.
tak dilupakan, 'Ti Kam'.
bile dah abih exam, main Monopoly la, Donkey la,
Happy Family laa dlm class.

tapi bunyi loceng laa yang paling best skali.
boleh beli aiskrim ngan apek
kat luar skola tuh...

lagi satu loceng masa nak pegi rehat. tinggal kan
keje skolah, jom kita
pegi makan. budak2 yg dpt Rancangan Makanan
Tambahan (RMT) mesti kluar awal.

lagi satu yang seronok mase time Pendidikan
Jasmani, PJ. main bola laa,
rounders laa...

permainan kegemaran, main guli, batu seremban,
penutup botol, batang
aiskrim, 'Pepsi Cola one-two-three', 'Police &
Sentry', main kejar2 duduk...

kita hilangkan dahaga dgn ais

p/s: Thanks kepada hamba Allah yg mencipta penulisan ini.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech massacre

The only news that really attract my intention to write something here. Its already pass 2-3 day if not mistaken bout this tragedy, and the only news that I really want to know update and the mystery behind the gunman.

here the link for the news:-;_ylt=AlFf0p2KbrbY.w.NiTMv0XtH2ocA;_ylt=AockCs00oRXcHjYnACVtUJpH2ocA

Shuun comment:

I don't know what to say. But somehow i feel like Cho was not guilty from the beginning. He just under pressure from the social life and his surrounding. And it seem people didn't try to understanding him and thought he just some weird boy. This whole situation really reflect back my old self when i'm use to be a loner. And people just tend to ignore me and sometimes even scared to get close to me. Even tho now everything change but kinda feel pity for Cho coz he can't get out of that situation.

For some reason, I feel like it possible that I commit the same thing Cho had done to my university. Hmmm...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


haihh...lepas satu penyakit, kener penyakit lain lak. Skang demam selsema, batuk kahak hijau, sakit kepala ngan kebas kebas part kaki ngan tangan. Ingat pagi tadi takmo gie kelas, tapi sayang lak sebb Mr.Rodzi nak bagi lecture pasal New Media Technology. So, tengah tengah sakit kepala dlm kelas tue, I expect lecture dier boring tapi end up really entertaining. Hehehe...that wips away most of my bad perception over Mr.Rodzi. And he give a lot of tips on how to do our third assignment. But I realize that he kinda upset knowing that most of the student in class not really recognize or had any idea on what happen in technology around the world. Even television we didn't watch or have one inside house/apartment. He takes this matter seriously and ask all the student to change. I don't really know what to say but everything he said was true. And its all relate to our majoring. Next week dier akan demo few of his work and bought some gadget to share...hehehehe...can't wait.

Need to go for consultation for MMD this afternoon to finalize my interface. Hope everything will be fine. XD

p/s: Still not started MLC2, and i'm feel like doom day is nearing. warghhh!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

batuk and sakit tekak

Tak tau naper...semalam ok jer maser sampai kat apartment. Pagi nie tekak dah raser semacam. Nak kater perit, tak pulak cumer feel funny. And sentiasa nak batuk, berkahak lak tue. Takut kener infection, or memang tanda tanda nak demam. Tapi sebelum nie elok jer. Pelik, mungkin enviroment yg sangat contrast between JB ngan KL gaknyer. System badan tak dapat function ngan betul. Tambah pulak skang nie tengah musim panas terik. Kengkadang jer ujan ribut kat KL. Ayah ader bagi ubat cold and flu tiga packet untuk spare kalau-kalau tetiba badan raser tak sihat. Dah telan seketul tadi, lepas dinner. Hopefuly tak raser drozzy sangat sebab nak wat sketches untuk Digital Media Design Process. Banyak sangat assignment tengah pending skang nie. Sebulan jer nak settlekan sumer bender bender nie. Giler tul. Minggu depan ader final presentation for Media Authoring 2, tapi skang nie tader per per progress pon untuk project tue. Haihh...raser makin benci lak biler pikir memacam bender remeh dalam kepala.

Skang nie cumer leyh go on with life jer.

Eyes on you

Where should I start, hmm...had a great time in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa taking picture for assignment and also walk around seeing the beautiful landscape. My second time goes there, but its my first time walk around the lake area. Damn tired, I need to do workout for sure. Actually, I just arrive from JB and Kak Jue pick me up at Sungei Besi Petronas then we directly go to Titiwangsa. Our first plan are taking pic there for few hour then go to library to do some research, but for some reason everyone already got exhausted for lack of sleep maybe and coz of the hot climate. So we didn't go to library instead we shot more picture...heheheh~!!!

I dunno, i feel really tired arriving to my apartment around 9 o'clock, but now i feel awake and can't sleep. ohhh...btw...its damn hot rite now. @_@ I want to stay in JB abit longer since almost everyday rain there. And my family house were surround by Hutan Bandar(its a recreational park) So it cooler there...with alot of tree. I hope Cyberjaya have more tree instead of building and dessert...~!!

p/s: Picture credit to Kak Jue~!! >XD

Thursday, April 12, 2007

About me lah!!!

1. Ezul
2. An
3. Shuun-kyuun~!!!

1. Eyes *blink blink*
2. My butt/hip
3. My leg

1. Pimples *garghhh*
2. Panau *aper dlm english ek?*
3. Lips

1. Malay
2. Jawa
3. Dutch

1. Noisy people that really irritating
2. Durian smell *headache*
3. Stokin 2 bulan tak basuh

1. Allah S.W.T
2. My father
3. Ugly serial killer that doesn't know yaoi!!! >_>

1. American Idol
2. ...i dunno
3. gay porn...hahaha...sometime la

1. Ouran
2. Mai Hime/Mai Otome
3. Shin Chan/ Doraemon

1. errr...
2. errr...dunno laa~!!!
3. I TOLD YOU I DUNNO....~!!

1. Peter Kater - Within The Silence
2. Loreena Mckennitt - Ancient Pines
3. Loreena Mckennitt - Let All That Are To Mirth Inclined

1. Dreamgirls
2. All Doraemon movie
3. All Shin Chan movie

1. Jangan Tutup Telinga Dan Pandang Bawah
2. Hairy Puteh and The Order of The P-chan
3. The Reaping

1. Music
2. Money
3. Sleep and wet dream

1. Brown singlet
2. Long grey trousers
3. Spectacles

1. Intimate
2. Romance and Understanding
3. *heret gie katil hotel 10 bintang*

1. Eyes
2. Lips
3. Lower part of the body especially thigh and leg *slurpsss*

1. Showering bout an hour
2. Burpss LOUDLY!!!!!! *burpsssssss*
3. Everyday must browse Aarinfantasy yaoi gallery

1. Drawing
2. Singing
3. Eat then sleep

1. Start drawing normally~!!!!!!! DAMMIT!!!
2. Nak gentel Boboi!!!!
3. Eat mom food

1. Interactive Designer
2. Digital Illustrator artist
3. Freelance Artist or Comic Artist.

1. French/Paris/Belgium/Canada
2. Korea
3. Japan

1. Wentz *hahahahhhaha*
2. Jonathan
3. Kaoru

1. Tunaikan Haji dan Umrah, InsyaAllah
2. I want to make my parent proud and give them all the happiness
3. Say "I Love You" too all my friend and people I cherish the most

1. Soft?
2. Sex orientation?
3. Yaoi?

INITIALS OF THREE CRUSHES (current or previous)
1. EW
2. HH
3. ...(I spare this for some lucky guy...hehehe)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I am changing~!! XD

HOMG...that took a while for the image to be uploaded~!! >_>;;

Anyway...this is the picture of myself start from the beginning till now. The first picture is around 1988 (i was born in 1986...don't have any baby pic with me right now) The last pic is 2007. Hehehe!! You can see the major different and changes. And it seem like i have a facial or some kind of surgery on my face that causing my face changed so drastically. And I have fair white skin to begin with. In some period of time, the skin turn out to be very very dark brown/black. Then it lighten a bit after few years. Now i have lighter brown skin compare from the past few years. Hehehee...~!! >XD And the hair also already had drastic change in term of style.

Anyway...enjoy the pic~!! <33

p/s: I'm not a cute bare with it~!! hahahaha~!! the pic for full view!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Once upon a time

Once upon a time or in Bahasa Jawa totok, di kala malam dingin yg kepingin ku tidur ini, ditakdirkan Puan Shuun menceritakan lagenda tragis seorang mamat by the name of Ngompol. Some people call him Kosong or senang cerita Telur Ayam coz his a kind of orang yg totally kosong with no start, climax and resolution in life. Memang seorang yg sangat membosankan sehingga penulis pon takmo tulis tapi tepaksa tulis gak sempena hari dimana Boboi telah menjadik buncit dan montel dengan jaya and gayanyer.

Ngompol/Kosong/Telur Ayam di beranakkan di...erm, maner-maner sajalah Tipah. Sejak dilahirkan, this Ngompol already had this super blur mode face that can make other people to become sakit jiwa and spastik instantly. So Britney Spears need plastic surgery for her head and put some afro wig with pink kaler. Ngompol semasa dilahir tidak melalak or menangis or menjerit or meraung or mengaum or tertawa or membebel or etc. Instead he mengilai like no one ever done before with so extremely high note almost spanned 6 octave that merely a normal human can hear. Only binatang bernama Banjingan yg had this ability to sing like Mariah Carey. Ngompol telah mengfreak-out kan the whole bilik beranak with his insanely outstanding vocal performance. His mak and bapak yg tidak diketahui kewujudan dan arah tujaan sgt menghoping for his son to be the next Mengilai Idol, but sadly his future had already destined. There will be no symphony or rhythm throughout his entire life. So kenapa perlnyer akoo menaip cerita ini? Sebab conclusion mengatakan tiada conclusion untuk conclusion yg sebenar. So meneruskan perjuangan suciku mencerita kisah sepi,sendu dan pilu ini.

Setelah seminggu dilahirkan di dunia senja ini, dan kehampiran kedua mak bapak dier keterlupaan menamerkan anaknyer ituh. Kebingungan untuk memikirkan nama yg sesuai memaksa his mom to cook Asam Pedas Ayam version orang Johor asli yg sedang-sedang pekat with some kacang bendi yg sangat taksub rasernyer. Bapak this budak hampir terkener serangan sakit hati akibat tidak cukup tido disebabkan terlampau memikir maser depan isteri nombor 6 dan juga namer anak yg tidak kesampaian. Pressure and stress covering the whole family and suddenly Ngompol telah terkencing di dalam seluar katok Calvin Klien berlapikkan kain lampin jenama Buaya Dua Alam. Tersangat la terkejut mak bapak si Ngompol, dan juga Ngompol membuat muker paling terkejut penah orang lakukan. Mak bapak dia telah bersatu suara untuk menamakan anak dier "Ngompol" sebab ngompol bermaksud kencing dalam seluar. Mengetahui dirinyer telah dinamakan sebagai pemenang bertuah untuk di hukum pancung, Ngompol mengilai dengan riangnyer sehingga ramai Pontianak retire from mengilai kerana idol mereka, Gambot Tukang Jerit telah terkena sakit semput ketika menggoreng jemput jemput sambil mencabut bulu jembutnyer. Maka berpesta la satu village with raggae music plus all time hit song "Ganja Smuggling" menjadik lagu theme cerita cinta classic "Cik Seomprotot; Return of The Bulu Ketiak"

One year had past, Ngompol already berumur setahun jagung. Makanan kegemaran dia adalah jagung yg berumur baru setahun jagung. Like Simon Cowell said during American Idol, eat jagung for the sake the world coz jagung is love and can be use in such away that many horny people know. Nak dijadikkan cerita, ketika Ngompol sedang mencabut bulu keningnyer, just beside his family house, leave and odd couple that love to fight. The name of the owner are Mr. Three Stick and Mrs.Curang Lelaki Lain. Begitulah rupernyer kisah odd couple laki bini itu. Sungguh tragis dan sadis. Ngompol sedang asyik mencabut bulu keningnyer sehingga dier sedari mukernyer telah berubah menjadik crossover antara Micheal Jackson and Pamela Anderson. Indah sekali wajahnyer bak berlian palsu dibeli sudah. And again Ngompol mengilai kegilaan kerana berjaya memukakan muka sendiri menjadik muka iras iras bintang bukan pujaan arterinyer.

So begitulah ceritanya adik-adik. Sekian...amik lah teladan dan pedoman dari kisah ini. Semoga hari esok bertambah neraka hidup kita semua.

p/s: Cerita tragis ini akan disambung dikala penulis mempunyai masa senggang yg free sambil melayan yaoi dan xtube.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

It now begin...

Arghhh....need to rush for dateline for 4 assignment and final project. I feel like wanna do something that I enjoy but it seem nothing can be achieve if situation kept on pressure this unstable mind. Now is the time I really hope my other self/ego will appear and help me settle all this thing.

p/s: I stop listening to any pop/anime music recently. Start listening song with meditation value...brain also need to relax once in a while.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Workload...workload......WORKLOAD~!!!!! GYAAAAHHHH!!! sob..sob..