Friday, February 27, 2009

Let The Right One In

edit: I just watch the film yesterday. Truly a masterpiece and I love how minimal the usage of sound fx and the bgm always bring the right mood at the right scene.
5 Star

I want to watch this movie so bad that its hurts my gut. I think(99.9%...I put 0.01% for miracle) this movie will never be release in our local cinema, not because its extreme violence but how its marketed to our local audiences. We being bombard with too many "unintelligent" film from outside mostly Hollywood. May be its time for our people to really open their eyes. Its a very good, widely acclaimed by many movie viewer and even awarded numerous prizes in film festival as one of the best vampire movie ever produce in more then decade. I wonder if anyone wanna tag along with me watching this film. Just a reminder, its a children base movie BUT for adult audiences. Highly not recommended for kids. Same like Pans Labyrinth.

Here one of the movie brilliant soundtrack

Eli's Theme


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reaching Blue Sky or Be Creative

I've been considering this option quite a while now.

Between Airlines Stewards and Multimedia Designer, which path should I choose after finish study?
Or I can be a crossover, Multimedia Stewardesigner....sound funny.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The feeling

I love the feeling waiting for public bus
I love the feeling taking ERL
I love the feeling wandering around KL Central
I love the feeling taking train to Plaza Rakyat
I love the feeling walking the pathway to Puduraya station
I love the feeling being surrounded by people waiting for their departing busses
I love the feeling sitting inside the express bus
I love the feeling of watching the evening sun during rainy day
I love the feeling watching night curtain falls down from its hanging
I love the feeling leaving the city toward the highway
I love the feeling watching the unmove dark sky from the bus window
I love the feeling of darkness of the highway
I love the feeling watching the forest silhouette along the highway
I love the feeling watching my empty hometown in the middle of the night
I love the feeling searching for night taxi at the terminal
I love the feeling knowing I will arrive home in few minute
I love the feeling having good late night supper with my parent and sibling
I love the feeling having good hot shower in my own bathroom
I love the feeling of laying on my own bed
I love the feeling hearing the sound from near urban forest
I love the feeling of having a goodnight sleep
I love all the feeling


Monday, February 23, 2009


Ok, kerja dah start banyak...
Time to get panic!!


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Penat dan letih...
Cukup-cukup la tu..


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


*This will be rather sensitive entry and personal contemplation that may or may not be accepted by individual*

I’ve been thinking a lot lately; in certain extend even asking my self whether I should post it up or not. So the main issue I’m going to talk here is our obligation as Muslim, our priority toward the religion and devotion to Allah SWT. The second Rukun Islam; 5 times prayer daily.

Every time my mom called, usually before she ends the conversation she always reminds me not to forget to pray. During my first few months in MMU, its kinda gives me a culture shock. Not because of how open the lifestyle, but the student lack ness of concern regarding their obligation as a Muslim really surprises me. I remember one time, I ask my ex-roommate whether wanna go Friday prayer together, and he just smile and continuing playing game like nobody business. Yes, I feel disrespect but what can I do, he is 3-4 years older than I am. Even older than my big brother. After sometimes, I realize that he never done it, not even once…and it’s scared out of me. Scare if it influences me. I try to endure as much as I can. The time passed and I meet a lot of people with the same kind of attitude. They don’t even care and some try to avoid the issues and not to miss the blow up. Why? Is it so wrong to ask whether you’ve done your prayer or not? Why must I receive those foul words, cursing and bad feedbacks fill with anger and hatred? Because of this bad experience, I start keeping everything to myself. And my prejudice beginning to built up inside my head.

“Macam ni ker budak-budak kat KL…?”

“Langsung tak ingat sembahyang…aper mak bapak diorang ajar kat rumah?”

My mind keeps on questioning this two thing over and over again eventhough I know I'm being biased.

“Orang yang tak mengingatkan orang lain untuk sembahyang akan sama-sama menanggung dosa”

I will never forget this word been spoken from my Ustaz. And aware how much sins I’ve had committed; for not reminding others.

“Alaa…dah tua nanti taubat la”

“Dosa masing-masing, kubur masing-masing, ko aper peduli…”

“Ko saper nak suruh aku sembahyang? Ko bukan mak bapak mampus la”

Does all this people never realize how upset listening to their words?

I admit, I’m not a pious or religious person but not bad either. I skip prayer sometimes, but I will never forget Qada’. That’s how I’ve been taught.

“Bukan skip selalu, sekali sekala won’t hurt right…?”

It will hurt…badly, because I know I have debt with Allah SWT.

How extremely bad a person was, if he/she never once forget to do the 5 daily prayers, I will hold my respect toward that person without any doubt. But how extremely good a person can be but failed to do his/her prayer, not even once, I won’t show any respect, at all. My only exception is their good deed, but I will never allow my self to see beyond that. It just an act for me as a human.

Why didn’t I voice this out before? Because I don’t have confident back then. Now I am old enough. Enough to make judgement and had my view to be heard and read.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Please don't disturb me during this time:-

Morning: 6.00 a.m - 7.00 a.m
Afternoon: 2.00 p.m - 3.00 p.m
Evening: 4.30 p.m - 5.30 p.m
Night: 7.00 p.m - 9.00 p.m

No outing after 12.00 a.m

This curfew will strictly apply today. (17.February.2009)

I'm going to be extremely strict and serious to my self regarding this curfew.

I won't entertain any "Why?" question for this sudden curfew in this entry. Anything should ask me in person.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Antara Dua

Dulunya aku tak pernah mengerti
Apa itu kumbang
Dan apa itu bunga
Hubungan antara dua
Sering menjadi perumpamaan lama

Pabila meningkat dewasa
Dikala ilmu itu dikejar memenuhi dada
Aku sedar dan penglihatan ku terbuka
Aku hidup di kelilingi oleh kumbang
11 tahun perjalanan hidupku begitu
Dimanakah bunga?

Bunga hanya sebahagian kecil
Tidak terdetikkah untuk mengenali?
Aku tak pernah punya jawapan
Sang kumbang yang buta terhadap bunga
Tapi benarkah begitu?

Aku adalah kumbang itu
Terbang mengikut aliran kumbang lain
Tiada hinggapnya di hamparan bunga
Tidak punya jawapan
Tapi diriku tak mahu menipu
Seekor kumbang lain menjadi perhatianku

Semakin dewasa ini
Semakin mekar bunga bercambah di sekitarku
Dari sebiji benih yang indah
Tapi sang kumbang sudah tiada terbang lagi
Merangkak di atas tanah
Di antara bunga
Membisu menahan pilu

Kumbang itu sudah menemui bunga

Aku redha
Aku punya pendirian
Aku tahu laluanku selami ini penuh dengan onak
Sayapku bergetar
Sekali lagi angin menjadi sahabat
Membawaku mengenali bunga - bunga yang indah
Kumbang ini mula menerima bunga
Tedetik seketika
Aku menipu diri sendiri?
Aku tak mengerti

Kini, kumbang itu masih berterbangan
Di antara hamparan bunga-bunga
Menunggu suatu hari
Haruman sekuntum bunga
Mampu membuka pintu hatinya

Perjalanan hidup tak semestinya harum sentiasa
Sang kumbang memahaminya
Mengetahui ianya tak pernah lurus

*Sorry saper yg raser nak muntah pas bacer. Jarang wat entry camnie...*


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I can't find a way to have a good sleep
Tired my self and even stressed out my finger with drawing...lots of it
Still its not the subject to put me into deep sleep
Why? Is it because my nerve system become more reckless recently?
Its does look like it...but doesn't feels like it
Perfectly fine..or am I?
Or might be this some of the symptom of sleeping disorder?
Work more...sleep less?
Too tired even just to close these pity pair of eyeballs and swam into temporary nirvana?
Need my weekend
I want to be isolated in pitch black room
Just want to sleep


Monday, February 2, 2009


Doesn't had a goodnight sleep last night
I'd dream, many kind of dream... that I can't really figure out what
But I'm quite sure one of it I had blister and cuts all over my right hand palm
Painful...sure, and painless nonetheless...
I kept one waking searching for my hand phone looking at the clock
It still night, and night...and night...
Now its morning...
Its feels weird, or rather annoying...
I'm not so motivated to look forward on anything right now
Not classes, or subject or anything relate to it
Feel agitated...
Need my space, a dark empty room, soundless to be alone
Hearing my breathe and heartbeat
I'm not sure