Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Don't waste time!!

Don't waste your time anymore. You can't replace or buy time that already passes. Life is not long. Manage it well. Or else you will drown in your own stupidness and commit your own grave mistake.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The meaning of TRUE life!!!!

Arghhh...!!! What wrong with this comp...? Dammit...!!! Took 1 hour just for start up...then to load one item take another 10 minutes!!! @_@ I'd wasting almost 1 1/2 hour of my current life just for this STUPID INTELLIGENT thing call comp. No no...the one i'm blaming is not my own PC but my house PC that currently respond tooooooooooooooooo slow, with alot of viruses and spyware and malware that even my own pc can hang if i scan it using my pc....~!! What in the world is wrong with the system?? What did all my "clever" lil sisters do to dis comp?? When it first hand down to me...it okeyh...doesn't had any problem eventho it slow(can't expect much from 256 mb RAM)...but the problem now IS it just SOOOO unreasonably slow....just like no RAM were put in the slot. DAMMIT~!! They don't even give a damn about maintaining this pity comp...then if problem occur...all rush to me ask for the fix. Manage it your self fools...i'm already tired fixing this comp...the problem kept on coming if your same old habit doesn't change. I don't know what will happen if father give every each of them their own pc. But i can guess and foresee abit of the final result.

Talking of content management...they all the worse i've seen. Seriously...the desktop just so messy and untidy. I don't mind the Gundam wallpaper that much...but i really concern bout all those file scattered the screen. Is that file use? or maybe private collection? or maybe some virus duplicating it self...i never know since it not mine. >___> (but i know it will cause major problem with the registry and system) PUT ALL THOSE FILE IN THERE RESPECTED FOLDER BAKA~!!! HOW MANY TIMES I NEED TO TOLD YOU GIRLS BOUT THIS??? Haiihhh~!!! Owh...btw...if the desktop worse...inside the hard drive are hectic. I don't want to open it rite now or else maybe the comp will hang...!! Seriously, i cant figure out which folder is which. All of it looks almost the same...and with all those file un-sort and categorize make the matter even worse. Even the folder name sound funny sometimes. Wanna ask you gurls one question...Got any problem while browsing my comp? (exclude the pc fast performance plz) I think most of you gurls already adept with it...even know where my private xxx file where put. But this PC just hard to adept with...(for me) I don't know if you gurls also lost inside your own folder...~!!! Piffff....~!!

Okeyh...i talk too much...!! (cross mouth)

p/s :- It holiday yet so bored and got college workto do...dammit...~!!! ~_~;; (Plz ignore all those cursing word...daaaa)

Monday, February 19, 2007


TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi) is a Korean boy band. This group is composed of five members specializing in the areas of dance, acappella, various drama acting, and pop with an R&B vibe. The group has gained popularity in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and other East Asian countries. Currently, it is one of the top pop groups of the Korean Wave (hallyu).

The name is translated to "Rising Gods of the East." The Japanese equivalent of the group's name is Tōhōshinki (abbreviated as THSK). The group debuted in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China in 2004.

Musical style

Initially marketed as an "a cappella" group, most of TVXQ's music is mainstream K-pop. Their debut single "Hug" was a romantic and upbeat pop song, whereas their follow up single "The Way U Are" was a dance/R&B number, complete with stylized outfits and heavily choreographed dance moves. Their third major single release, (I Believe), in contrast, was a ballad. TVXQ concluded the year with a Christmas album that also had an acappella version of "Jesus, Joy Of Man's Desiring". With their releases in 2004, the group showed a versatility in style and has managed not to be permanently typecast as a certain "genre style" (as opposed to Fly to the Sky's ballads or Koyote's dance songs).

With consecutive releases, they have not moved from this formula, as their second and third albums have had a similar mixture without moving outside of the mainstream label. The second album's singles, for example, included a dance song (their first release) and a ballad (their follow up). As the third album's releases have so far been dance, ballad and pure pop tracks, TVXQ has continued to move from genre to genre while staying mainstream. Although the group has given many a cappella performances, and have included various acapella tracks on their albums, TVXQ has yet to release an a cappella (or an otherwise mostly vocal) single.

p/s :- sorry, i can't put anymore content since it will make my blog too long... for more info go here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TVXQ

Shuun comment :-

Good look, great vocal, dance well, can act...whats more can I say bout this guy? They were one of the best asian boy band right now. Not to mention internationally popular in western country also. Their aura can make every single girl goes crazy beyond belief. This 5 charming guys had those personalities and charisma that can make head turn whenever they go. (as expected from good looking people...am I rite? hehehe!! *Jealous*) Anyway...i only know bout this group accidently while browsing my friend friendster profile. At first i though "another those typical boy band again", but i'm far wrong from my prediction. The first music video i saw was "Balloons". For bout 4 minutes i stared at my monitor screen watching this guy dancing, singing, playing all over the place with those cute animal costume. I began to think..."homg...they all had some guts to do MV like this...". But yeah...i myself can't resist the cuteness and how adorable this guys are. I don't know how many times i repeat the MV. Hehehehe....*shy* But my personal fave MV...so far is "Rising Sun". Damn i love all those energatic and electrifying dance that it feel like gonna break your back bone...*kidding* Heheheh...~!!

Most of TVXQ/DBSK song very catchy...from ballad to R&B, and some got Rock and Metal element. They sure cover alot of song genre.

Nothing more can I say bout this guys. There alot more people knows better bout this guys then I am. Hehehe...~!!

p/s :- i just wondering why can't our local boy band achieve like what TVXQ/DBSK had done in their career? There also a great gap in term of quality(in this case...the song and vocal ). I just shut my mouth for now coz i'm not the rite person to discuss bout this anyway. (or else people will start bashing me...hehhehe)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Brianne Clarkson (born April 24, 1982) is an Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter and actress who has enjoyed success in the pop and rock music genres. Clarkson made her debut under RCA Records after she won the highly-publicized first season of the television series American Idol in 2002. She was originally marketed as a pop musician with her debut album Thankful (2003). With the release of her multi-platinum sophomore album Breakaway (2004), Clarkson moved to a more rock-oriented style of music[1] and won two Grammy Awards.

Clarkson was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and grew up in the small town of Burleson, Texas. She is the third and youngest child of Jeanne Ann Rose, a first grade teacher who is of Greek and Irish descent, and Stephen Michael Clarkson, a former engineer who is of Welsh extraction. Clarkson's siblings include her brother Jason, and her sister Alyssa. When Clarkson was six years old, her parents split up after seventeen years of marriage. As a result, her brother went to live with her father, her sister went to live with an aunt, and Clarkson remained with her mother. Clarkson frequently moved around Texas while her mother managed several professions in order to support the family. Clarkson has since stated that, being six years old at the time, she did not understand why her family had been constantly moving.[citation needed] Eventually, the family settled in Burleson, where Clarkson's mother married her second husband, Jimmy Taylor.

Clarkson attended Fulton Middle School and Burleson High School. She originally wanted to become a marine biologist. In seventh grade, a teacher overheard her singing in a hallway and asked her to audition for the school choir. Clarkson told the teacher that she had never received professional vocal training before. In high school, Clarkson performed in musicals such as Brigadoon.

Upon graduation in 2000, Clarkson worked several occupations to finance her demo CD that she hoped to market toward record labels. She received few responses, and eventually decided to move to Hollywood to seek out other opportunities in music, one of which was a mentorship under songwriter Gerry Goffin. However, Goffin fell ill, and to make ends meet, Clarkson appeared as an extra on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and That '70s Show among others. She played a small role in the 2002 film Issues 101. Following four months in Hollywood, Clarkson was discouraged when her apartment burnt down and decided to return to Texas, where she worked at a cinema, and as a cocktail waitress, Six Flags performer, telemarketer, Kirby Vacuum salesperson, and a Red Bull promoter.


Thankful (2003)
Breakaway (2004)

Source and information from Wikipedia.

Shuun comment :-

The one and only Queen of American Idol.(in my opinion) Small girl with that superb big voice. I immediately became her fans back in 2003 after listening "A moment like this" idol single in radio. It just blows me away. I also got my own copy of Kelly Thankful album. Its a rare occasion for me to buy artist album except if I'm really fanatic over that artist.(so far i only had 4 album in my collection...3 local artist and 1 international) You can call me very fussy person when it come to music. Actually the are many album i wanna buy but not sell in my country.
Ok...back to Kelly. She's a strong belter. Its not high...its strong. I know one artist that well known for high belting ability, but i dont' wanna to stated here to avoid any conflict and argument over whose the best. Kelly still young in music industry, but i know she can go far with her career as long as she maintain her personality and take a good care of her gifted pipes. Can't wait for her 3rd album to be release.

Kelly, you're the best~!!

Linda Eder

Linda Eder was born prematurely while her family was vacationing in Tucson, Arizona on February 3rd, 1961. Born with an extreme talent and although she didn't have famous celebrity parents, she still is has one of the greatest voices ever introduced to the world. Often compared to Barbra Streisand , Linda doesn't really bring up Barbra as an inspiration. Linda has always said ever since she was a little girl that her biggest inspiration was, and still is Judy Garland.

With Linda being compared to Barbra, she eventually tried to get her own vocal style. She also can sometimes also be known as an Actress. Linda herself has said is her side job. She has sometimes had ti use the side job acting. She, on Broadway was in the musical Jekyll and Hyde . This inspired Linda to go into more Broadway things. In 2003 For example, she released a CD called Broadway, My Way .

Linda, today is most remembered for being on the popular show Star Search . She remained on the show for twelve weeks, he didn't lose to anybody. But she had to be kicked off of the show because she had been on it for too long.

Linda has been most active in the 1990s, and today in the present century. Although she was active before the 1990s, she really wasn't famous until the 1990s. For example, she released her first album entitled Linda Eder . The album is still in print today as of 2007.

Some other Albums Linda did later in her life were: And So Much More (1994), It's Time (1997) . And she later in 2005 wanted to honor her favorite star, Judy Garland by releasing the Album: By Myself The Songs Of Judy Garland . Out of Linda Eder Album's this would probably be the most famous one to date. Probably because out of all of the songs she's released, these have been the most famous. Attracting people familiar with the work.

Speaking of Linda doing work of other people, that is mostly what she has done while releasing new Albums. Doing music of icons. Their have been some Albums, like her first, that she had written the songs.

Linda today continues to have sold out Albums, concerts, and more. And remains one of the best.


* 1989 Linda Eder
* 1994 And So Much More
* 1997 It's Time
* 1999 It's No Secret Anyore
* 2002 Gold
* 2003 Storybook
* 2003 Broadway, My Way
* 2005 By Myself: The Songs Of Judy Garland
* 2006 Barbra Streisand and Linda Eder

Source and information from Wikipedia and Askmen.com

Shuun Comment :-

This women is incredible. At 46 years old of age(same as my mom..ngehehe), she still got that marvelous voice nicely intact. I not really into Broadway kind of song...but some of the song Mrs.Eder sing are really catchy and nice to listen. For example, Man of La Mancha...in the middle of the song, she pulls out that tremendous high whistling notes that leave me awe. I listen to studio version and live performance...it sound almost equally the same...but that one particular notes soung more grand during live performance. This women really knows how to control her voice and it seems like she got alot of air when she sing. I never once saw her out of breath. That take alot of stomach work. She also perform every song almost flawlessly. It hard to hear any out of tune or wrong note even with she moving around the stage. (seriously i can't sing while walking around...it makes me sound incredibly bad) Ohh...there one song that became my fave. I just stumble this clip while browsing on youtube, the song call If I Had My Way. She sang it in PBS if not mistaken. The song were perform effortless and what really touch me is she sang it very passionately and she had a tear at the end of the song. Truely a great live performance.

Overall, Mrs.Eder had been gifted with a talent that only normal people can wish for. And also one of the greatest voice in music industry. Really hope to hear more news from Mrs.Eder.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year~!!

Its holiday and festive season again...yeayyy~!!* with voice that sound half dead* Anyway...just wanna wish all my chinese friend Happy Chinese New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Go collect all the angpau and eat as much as you can~!! XD Ohh...don't forget the oranges...its good for your skin.

Today start mid-term holiday for MMU. We not pass half of the semester yet but we had mid-term rite now...hahaha...some "good" planner they create just to make sure all the student suffer from mountain of assignment. Great timing. Hahahaha...damn~!! *start cursing habit again*

Anyway...i should sleep now...its 5.23 a.m here in Malaysia. The pillow already calling me...ZZZZzzzzzz..... .. .

Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt, C.M., (b. February 17, 1957) is a Canadian singer, composer, harpist and pianist most famous for writing, recording and performing world music with a new-age/Celtic feel.

McKennitt was born in Morden, Manitoba of Irish and Scottish descent to parents Jack and Irene McKennitt.

McKennitt moved to Stratford, Ontario in 1981, where she still lives. She released her first album, Elemental, in 1985 and began to attract global attention with subsequent releases of self-produced work, including To Drive the Cold Winter Away (1987), Parallel Dreams (1989), The Visit (1991), The Mask and Mirror (1994), A Winter Garden (1995) and The Book of Secrets (1997). Her single "The Mummers' Dance" was a widespread success, receiving considerable airplay in North American markets during the spring of 1997. Her first full-length studio album in nine years, An Ancient Muse, was released in November 2006. All of her work has been released under her own label, Quinlan Road.

In 1993 her music became known to a wider audience when she toured Europe supporting Mike Oldfield.

In 1995 her version of the traditional Irish song "Bonny Portmore" was prominently featured in the film Highlander 3, causing a large increase of her album sales among fans of the films. Her music has also appeared on the movies Soldier, "The Mists of Avalon (TV miniseries)" and the television series Roar.

In 1998 McKennitt's fiancé Ronald Rees and two others close to her drowned during a boating accident. She was deeply affected by the event, founding the Cook-Rees Memorial Fund the same year and releasing an album of two live performances called Live in Paris and Toronto from which all of the profits were donated to the fund. After this McKennitt didn't release any new recordings and performed only rarely until 2006 when she released the studio album An Ancient Muse.

In July 2004 Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson made her a member of the Order of Canada the most prestigious civilian honour in Canada.

McKennitt's music has generally been classified as World/New Age/Celtic music even though it contains aspects and characteristics of music from around the globe and is classified as Folk music in some record stores.

Before McKennitt composes any music she engages in massive research on a specific subject which forms the general concept of the album. Before creating Elemental and Parallel Dreams she travelled to Ireland for inspiration from the country's history, folklore, geography and culture. The album The Mask and Mirror was preceded by research in Spain where she engaged in studying Galicia, a Celtic section of Spain, along with its abundant Arabic roots, thus creating an album including elements of Celtic and Arabic music.

According to the liner notes of her latest album, An Ancient Muse was inspired primarily by travels among and reading about the various cultures along the Silk Road.

McKennitt is often compared to Enya but her music is more grounded in traditional and classical invocations using literary works as sources of lyrics and springboards for interpretation such as "The Lady of Shalott" by Lord Tennyson, "Prospero's Speech" (the final soliloquy in William Shakespeare's The Tempest), "Snow" by Archibald Lampman, William Blake's "Prospero, intended for a dramatic piece of King Edward the fourth", and "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes.

Source and information from Wikipedia and http://www.quinlanroad.com/homepage/index.asp?LangType=1033

Shuun comment :-

If i were to be given a choice either pop or world music, i will choose world music for sure and makes Celtic my personal fave genre. Loreena McKennitt is an artist that had magical and extraordinary touch over Celtic music. Talented, angelic voice, down to earth personality makes her more beautiful in the eyes of people. Her voice was the BOOM!!! Really i can't describe how fine her voice was, in album or during live performance. Its very captivating each time she open her mouth and sing. The melody blend with her voice perfectly. Eventho i had abit problem with her pronounciation(need to search for song lyric if i wanna know what shes saying), the melody itself actually enough to makes me feel like flooting in a dimension of tranquillity. Sometimes her music makes me imagine traveling in a distance land that peaceful and serene. Surrounded by nature...wide green field with little cottage in the middle of it and theres a lake with water that so calm it reflect back image like a mirror. Ahhh...it so amazing. *shuun is on the other side of universe*
To be honest, i only know Loreena Mckennitt just few month ago from my friend. The first song i heard from Loreena is Dante's Prayer. Its not my fave song but its still good. I love all the song i heard from her so far...but my personal fave is Mummers Dance(1997), Snow, The Mystic's Dream and both Caravanserai and Incantation from her 2006 album; An Ancient Muse. I really hoping for any chance she performing in Malaysia...!! Loreena McKennit the best.

Lim Hyung Joo

Lim Hyung-Joo, born in Seoul, 1986, has displayed his talents since studied specially a vocal music course in Ye-won art school.

He distinguished himself sweeping over juvenile concours, the 1st rank of 2000' CBS Broadcast Youth Music Competition, The 1st rank of 2001' Korea National Youth Music Competition, the 1st rank of 2001' Korea Journal of Music Competition and so on. In the subscription concert of Ye-won art school 30 years since opening of a school, he played as the first co-performer in the concert Hall of Seoul Arts Center.

At last Lim Hyung-Joo ranked first and was awarded distinguished service medal on Music. To realize his long-cherished dream of a global musican he went abroad for study at the same time, and passed the enterance examination to Juilliard pre-collage unanimously by jurors in vocal music course.

'Salley Gardens', his first record, went into the top of Korean Classical Chart as soon as it was put on sale in January, 2003(Now it has been at the top for 27 weeks and sold over 250 thousand sheets). And then an event, makes Lim Hyung-Joo rise to stardom, was occured leading the patriotic song in the 16th inauguration Day.
Taking this opportunity, he created a sensation. He came into the soptlight by many broadcasting media and the press. Lim Hyung-Joo, too, took an brocasting activity and important concerts.

He made deep emotion to many Korean residents in America by singing the patriotic song and Korean lied, "Gu-ri-wa(Missing you)" at festival of the 100the Korean-American commemoration in the worldwide stage, LA Hollywood Bowl, and in the peace concert of the first anniversary of World Cups he played with world soprano singer Sumi, Jo. And besides his first concert was great success on June 13th and 14th in the KBS Hall. Now he tries to jump into the world with making his debut in Carnegiehall.

Source and information from http://www.sac.or.kr/eng/lab2003/limhyungjoo/profile.html

Shuun comment :-

Okeyh, this boy got that "big and soulful" tenor voice that not many young male artist could obtain. Most important is his an asian(Korean) and the only asian popera(pop-opera) artist. Rarely seen asian artist capable to deliver opera-like song coz they usual doesn't have that "voice". As for me, in Malaysia itself, i never see or heard any artist that can sing opera or popera, and as young as 20 years old. Hehh...Malaysia still need to extend their music industry into more world and classical music. (ok...skang nie ramai penyanyi yg kuarkan album irama Malaysia...but what uniqueness they can give us compare with the others traditional singer...?? Kebiasaannyer sumer bunyi samer jer.)
I really hope that someday more artist like Lim Hyung Joo will be born. (especially in Malaysia lol) I really had enough with boy band actually since usually( not all) they not really had the voice to boost. Or should i say "biasa-biasa sajer". And some screaming like wanna shattered their lung and call it a music. Ohh...give me a break.(lagu boy band jadik sedap sebb nyanyi ramai-ramai...tapi biler solo hancur). Thats why i prefer solo singer since they really need to think whether they can sing and need to focus more on their voice technique. Opera song are harder to sing since it involve a great amount of air, breathing control and vocal technique. As for Lim Hyung Joo, his voice is very soothing and calm. It flows like gentle breeze. It seem easy for him to sing...but normal people like us...or easily said myself, its hard. Very hard. I'm an alto/contralto anyway. So the range and voice quality is different.

i think i already talk too long...and out of topic abit. hehehehe...*bricked*

Friday, February 16, 2007

not motivated...

Its already Friday here(Malaysia)... 3/4 past midnight. Where do i begin...hmmm. Haa...okeyh. I'm feeling so DAMN lazy today...headache/migraine...not enough sleep(padan muker). Ohh...one of ma fren also not feeling so well...or should i say she had food poisoning after the morning class ended. Pity her...nasib baik petang dah sembuh. But one's recovered...the other one suddenly got sick(point self) Hahahaha...that what you get when love to sleep on the afternoon. Neck pain...back pain...badass headache. But even in what ever condition...i must priortive the evening class. NO MORE SKIPPING CLASS ESPECIALLY JAPANESE LANGUAGE. *only skip if needed*

Its just one day before Chinese New Year holiday...got a week break from college...but the assignment are the killer. Why must the lecturer give out assignment near the holiday and the submittion just the day after the holiday end....WHATHEHEK~!!?? I don't even had a proper pc at home to done my flash scripting assigment...~!! DAMN. Mean i need to sacrifice few day in my apartment to settle up anything that i could before return home. Bleaarghhh...after all the assignment finish...the holiday already end...and the DOOM had come to give their trial and judgement. (laugh like peurile)

I dunno how many times i use cursing word today...but anyway...its not like i'm a prude person or anything(eventho look like it from the outside...) Words like that is just part of my daily speech. Ngahahaha...~!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lara Fabian

French pop singer Lara Fabian was born in January, 1970, in Etterbeek, Belgium. She was known for her vocal prowess and skilled technique. Raised in north Belgium and Italy by her Flemish father and Sicilian mother, the French, English, Italian and Spanish speaking Lara knew that she wanted to be a performer at an early age.

With singing, dancing, piano, and music lessons to boot, Lara had already begun taking lessons at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels by the age of 8 and continued taking them for the next 10 years. By age 14, Lara had begun performing and writing songs, while her father, a former guitarist and backup vocalist, would accompany her on the guitar.

6 million copies of album sold internationaly has proven that she's capable to attract many fans outside her country, over the western and eastern region. It's a great achievement for a songwriter like herself.


  • Lara Fabian (1991) - French debut album
  • Carpe Diem (1994)
  • Pure (1997)
  • Lara Fabian Live (1998)
  • Lara Fabian (2000) - English debut album
  • Nue (2001)
  • Live (2002)
  • En Toute Intimité (2003) - CD
  • A Wonderful Life (2004)
  • 9 (2005)
  • Un regard 9 LIVE (2006)
  • Italian language Album Project/TBA (2007)
  • Multi-lingual Album Project/TBA (2007?)

Source and information from Askmen.com and Wikipedia

Shuun comment :-

Is there any other reason i featured her here? Bcoz i love Lara from the bottom of my heart. She's the only artist that i truely respect and salute for her musical talent. First time i heard bout Ms.Lara is bout 7 years ago(2000) during my secondary school. It just so happen that while i watching the tv, the Singapore tv channel aired "I will love again" song...i just like...wooaahhh...!! My first thought was...Celine Dion new dance single?! But when i watch closely on my tv monitor...there...i saw a figure...a beautiful black leather dress figure dancing and throwing her vocal like no other artist i heard before. Starting from that moment, i became her huge fans. It just a miracle since i only to watch that mtv once...but i became obsess of her almost instantly. (i only manage to see the mtv once only...and i don't have internet during that time) It just so sad coz during that period(2000-2003), the only song i know from Ms. Lara is "I will love again" Damn hard to find her album here; and only got internet line nearly end of 2003. I guess you all know what am i doing after got the internet connection...!!!

Overall, Ms.Lara fabian is just magnificent. Eventho shes not very well known in some part of the world...mostly US, her talent just huge enough to make her a one of the greatest singer and song writer in the world...~!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine Day!!

For all those lovy dovey couple...happy valentine day...!! Go buy your gurl/boy fren something that worth to be called a present...duhhh~!! Hehehehe...love is in the air for this time around. For sure shopping complex, flower park, cinema, or anywhere....even parking lot or lorong lorong gelap full with this loving couple...!! Nahhh...i don't care bout this people actually since i'm not celebrating it...(i'm still single yet not available) Better spend my money for myself or treat my close fren...or if not give that money to my mother...!! I'm not a big spender lol...money doesn't mean much for me except to support my current life(thanks dad... XD)

p/s: too all those people that spend money for their honey boney darling*uweekkkss*...beware of poket kopak lol...~!! >XD *sarcasm*

No class for this afternoon...but got tutorial at 5.00 p.m - 6.00p.m!! I guess i can rest and sleep for a while. *Thinking of assignment that need to be settle before and during Chinese New Year Break...haihh...)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


okeyh..straight to the point...MLC class today is sooo DAMN boring. All those disturbance and i-got-too-many-question-to-ask-but-i-got-emotional-soul-so-i-left-the-class (damn its looong) type of student...makes situation even worse. Pity the lecturer trying too explain a yet still cannot satisfied "that" particular student. Its a CREATIVE STUDIES class you for god sake...not a logical or politician debate seminar...~!! My gawd...is it relevant asking too many question that people can't understand and confusing with emotional voice tone...dammit...where is the manner??? Congratz...you had given me a bad impression over your race...yes...i'm becoming racist now...hahaha...so what??? >_>;;

Japanese class is okeyh...still the same~!! Nothing much can be said...hehehe!!! XD

anyway...i continue my blog later...

p/s : waaaa.....i love Sirah Utara nasik lemak with ayam goreng..so damn syiook...~!! (mind the broken english)

Monday, February 12, 2007

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Even though I've been writing this kind of poetic stuff nearly 5-6 years, it is still feel quite new.
And please ignore any grammatical error.
I'm still in the state of improving my grammar and widen my vocabulary.

Frankly, I'm not good in expressing myself whether verbally or through body language.
Though some people say my facial expression is enough to tell what going on inside my head.
Introvert is pretty much sum up what I am.
Though I still can enjoy social activity with friends & family.

Being through a lot in life.
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Personal problem and struggle.
All hinted inside my writing.
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