Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nyu's Art Meme - Shuun Edition doing this thing.


Friday, September 28, 2007

Yukie Nakama

Isn't she so damn hot. Those face, smile, hair. Totally my type of girl. The first few second of the clips totally a killer. <33>

Aku tak pernah ngerti

Kenapa kadang-kadang makhluk bernama lelaki ni sangat la tak ada adab ngan kepala otak. Kenapa mesti lakukan sesuatu yg menjatuhkan air muka orang lain. Nak cover kelemahan sendiri? Cemburu buta? Tak puas hati atas kelebihan orang lain. Biler ditanyer tader satu pon jawapan yang diorang bagi tue accurate or even had the logic in it. Are they not use their head to think? Two answer will had the same meaning.
Yes, they didn't use their brain instead use their fucking cock.
No, they didn't use their brain instead use their fucking cock.
Tengok, either one gave the same meaning. Nak jumper lelaki yang baik sekarang nie bukannya perkara yg senang lagi. Banyak yang dah lupa daratan and takbur ngan tipuan dunia. Perempuan menjadi sebahagian barang permainan mereka tanpa memikirkan asal usul mereka adalah dari rahim seorang ibu...perempuan. Tidakkah sangat banjingan and bangsat mereka ini. Golongan lelaki ini, datang ke universiti/kolej/sekolah hanya untuk bersuka ria. Yg mereka tau parent mesti and wajib support hidop mereka. Duit makan minum, enjoy, sebijik kereta mesti tunaikan. Kalau tak diorang tak mahu blaja. Aper nie lelaki? Korang nie dah bodoh sangat ker sampai nak demand memacam dari family sampai camtue sekali? Kalau blaja bagus takper gak, tapi nie sumer lingkup. And korang try nak downhillkan budak budak yg have good achievement sebab korang nak cover up your weaknesses. Hina, caci, kutuk, tikam belakang...setiap benda nie korang ludah ngan jilat kat muka sendiri. Ingat, diorang yg berusaha ngan keyakinan sendiri untuk berjaya akan berjaya sampai bila bila. Tak mcm those rich or pretended clever guy yg hanya pandai menumpang titik peluh org lain. Kalau stakat nak tayang your car but not from your own money wat per. Its your father/moher yg suppose to get credits, not yours. Korang hanya menghabiskan masa ngan duit. Ok, if you come from rich family, fine for me. But whose the one rich here? You? Impossible. No one born to be rich. Even Bill gates struggle to be what his now. High Pedigree? Stupid. Everyone is equal here. I myself kinda regret coz come from rich family. Tapi at the same time, rasa sangat bersyukur sebab I can appreciate this life. Ada orang yg miskin and hidup susah. Kita yg hidup senang nie kalau tak tau nak bersyukur elok jangan hidup lagi. I also wanna say my greatest thanks to my father coz not pempered us with money. Makes me remember those old school day. Starting from RM1 and end with RM2. My weekly pocket money sampai Form 5 cumer RM10 jer. But I never complain sebab for me thats more than enough. I seldom buy thing outside. Prefer eat my mom cooks food. But theres one thing I will never forget. Once a friend of my father said to me that my father said this to him..."Aku tak ada harta nak bagi anak-anak aku, cumer boleh bagi ilmu jer. Selagi diorang nak belajar, aku support diorang". Why he didn't say it directly to me and my other sibling? No need for that coz we fully understand it. Cukup la aper yg ayah bagi kitorang skang. We promise to do the same thing to ayah ngan ibu biler kitorang berjaya kelak. I don't really know how others parent teach their child. But for me, istilah "Jgn dimanjakan sangat" aderlah sangat sesuai untuk remaja skang nie. But my focus more toward male. I don't have the right to judge female. Kengkawan kadang kadang penyebab utama sesetengah orang tue jadik lalai. Hasutan orang luar jadik racun otak. Tapi lelaki nie jenis yg tak pikir panjang sangat. Sebab mungkin maser kat sekolah selalu kener kongkong. Biler dah tinggal jauh dari family terus jadik setan. Biler jumper kawan yg samer samer setan, terus jadik dajal lak. So lepas tue terus pegi menyetan ngan mendajal. Tapi pandai lak biler poket dah tandus, bukan main manja mintak duit dari parent. Putar belit alam bukan main expert. Kata nak bayar fees la..tue la..nie la. Tapi biler fail study sumer orang ko blame. Dari makcik cleaner kat kolej sampai kucing kat umah. Maner pegi your morality ha? Stupid dumbass. Paling sedih biler sanggup blame parent sendiri yg selama nie perah kudrat nak support your study. Its a big insult to your father and mother. Korang penah raser tak betapa peritnyer hati diorang korang wat camtue. Korang yg buat parent camnie tak layak hidup sebagai seorang manusia. Many times I encounter spoiled brat yg embarrassed their parent in public.Memang panas mata tengak, and tangan pun raser biler biler leh melayang. Its becoming reality now. Dunno what will happen to this plague in the future.

*Journal ni bukan jer peringatan untuk golongan lelaki kat luar sana, but also for my own reminder since I'm a male myself*

p/s: If anyone get really offended, I'm sorry.


Monday, September 24, 2007

shing shing....tension wif capital T

"If you wait for above image to finish loading, you totally a no life person"

Friday, September 21, 2007

I've dream

I've dream it once...and I will dream it again.
Self revelation and reflection.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

A little bit of oil pour to a flame...

It getting depressing
I easily get annoyed over small thing....
I can't control my anger
I scold my lil sis badly in YM for no reason...
I show off my big ego too my friends
I hate my house mate
I feel so damn hot right now
I've been holding back too much
It gonna explode very soon
My heart can't hold any longer
I lost my sanity
My ability to think wise
To differentiate good and bad
Try too kill my self
I hate everything...

Ezul Farhan Elias

"Ya Allah, kuatkanlah iman ku. Tabahkanlah hati dan jiwaku. Berikan aku kesabaran untuk menempuhi hidup ini"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

somewhere.....over the rainbow

Yesterday, my group mates for post production went to recording studio to record voice for out project. The owner of the studio is so friendly and TALENTED. We booked the studio for 2 hours and while do the recording, Mr.Selva(owner) taught us about the recording, software use etc etc. And he even compose a song that really really suit our project. We ask him whether he can compose a song that suitable for our project. He gladly except it, and offer RM200 to compose the song. It so cheap...yeah...CHEAP!!! I my self instantly agree with that offer but need to have conformation from others. But most important, our recording stage had finish, so can proceed with graphical and image editing. We still got others assignment to finish, but this one need some extra intention since we being procrastinate it for quite sometimes.

Later that afternoon, my friends and I go to Sungei Wang for some throat exercise. We booked one room and spend almost 5 hour inside sing like mad. We even have dinner there, DELICIOUS!! There are 4 of us, I lost count on how many song have sing. But for my part, I sing around 10 -12 song. Most of it all high key and killer song. So I surrender earlier than the others since I reach the limit of my capability after the last song. My two other friend still excited to sing MORE song. Hahaha...~!! XD I choose variety of song. Siti, Celine, Barry Manilow, Lara Fabian, and Evanescence. *semput*

Got one submission tomorrow morning, but I still didn't do anything. Feel like dying and yet so lazy to start working. Thursday all Muslin gonna start Ramadhan fasting. Really look forward to have first Ramadhan at home. So I gonna going back JB tomorrow after class.

Thats all for now.


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mischievious...and tag


5 things found in my bag:
I don't have bag...but I carry my file around...

- Full of A4 paper from 80gsm too 140gsm
- Black Art pen
- Eraser
- Ruler
- Strepsil *cough..cough*

5 things found in my wallet:

- cash
- A lot of card
- Talisman
- coins
- Receipts...back from 2004 till now...

5 favourite thing in my room (dj and cbj):

- Single bed
- Alot of pillow...*more then 4*
- Books.....heaven
- Television *seldom watch it...*
- Sofa

5 things i'm currently into:

- Shota addicted.... ^//////^
- Yaoi....alot of yaoi
- old anime...*doraemon, akazukin chacha...etc*
- Drawing/finishing my doujin
- Sleeping....krohhh...kroohhh...kerokerokero~!!!

5 people i'm going to tag:

- you
- you
- You
- YOu


Friday, September 7, 2007

Lost of a great voice

The first thing I saw when open Yahoo website is shocking news bout one of world greatest tenor passed away because of cancer. I'm shock. I really really do. To say that I'm his greatest fans is not really appropriate coz I only heard few song from him but what I salute is his talent and magnificent voice. He is a true maestro. Yet now, he already leave us all. But the passion he put in his music and song will be forever remember...and listen.
Rest in peace, Luciano Pavarotti.

Luciano Pavarotti.- Caruso

Lara Fabian - Caruso


Monday, September 3, 2007

to the edge of the world!!!

Had HB2 chicken chop for my buka puasa today. As was delicious, but few minute later my stomach began to tremble. Not that I have a stomachache or nything...just the thing want to come know what mean right....when nature call...heheh~!! But I tahan jer la...since I let it out...then for another 1-2 hours will starving again.

I already begin avoiding any spicy/extra spicy/hot and spicy/spicy-spicy boom/spicy like hell/spicy sexy/spicy to dead kind of food. reason, my perut can't handle it anymore...or should I say...dinding perut dah nipis....and I getting old now. Dari kecik dok tibai cili api...maner tak nipis perut...~!! XD Jawa blood life....but now need to decrease that habit....if not everyday also had diarrhea . *remembering those "good" old day*

Ohh...tonite in Cyber...the rain pouring like heaven..and the wind blow like blowjob....errr....I mean like typhoon or something. The cool breeze is just so orgasmic~!! <3>_> Assignment and doujin serentak...I can't feel my pervert finger anymore la...~!! And it swollen like haper jer. If I tell people I had gout...they might believe me.

Thats all lah for now...I will rant more on my next post.

Ohh..btw...the 2 pic above is my final project for Design Process Digital Media

"Blue is the safest color"
I objection~!!



Sunday, September 2, 2007

dead behind bar...

Holding back from blogging for quiet number of days. I suppose to enjoy this Merdeka weekend, but then workload just can't be ignore. Everyday got something to do, a yet still it doesn't seem to decrease even a bit.

I've been planning to go home for the first Ramadhan since it already 3 years had my first day Ramadhan in Cyber. And also I miss Solat Terawih since I seldom do it in Cyber. Not that I'm lazy or anything...just the feeling is different. It just much more calm back in my hometown.

I had made few plan for this coming holiday. one of it is to finish up my second Yaoi doujin, but first to be officially publish for local group. Rite now still progressing with Beyond De D.U.S.T Requiem Part 1 for Crest07 doujin group. One more page...and then continue with dialog box and editing.

Thats all the update for now.