Saturday, March 31, 2007


Enchanting performance Never fail to give me goosebumps. This lady truly the voice of Celtic.

Don't know whether her new album being sell in Malaysia or not. Seriously i wanna buy it. *Already download the full album but i still want real one..*

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan (born Yvette Marie Stevens on March 23, 1953 in Great Lakes, Illinois) is an American singer best known for her 1984 cover of Prince's "I Feel For You", for her smash hit "I'm Every Woman" and as a member of the funk band Rufus, with whom she recorded the legendary soul record "Ain't Nobody". In her career she has earned many accolades, including eight Grammy awards. Though regarded an R&B singer, she has in fact explored numerous musical genres including funk, disco, jazz, ballads, hip hop, adult contemporary and pop standards.


* 2006 BET Lifetime Achievement Award
* To date, she has won eight Grammy Awards:
o 2002 Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance - "What's Going On" by Chaka Khan & The Funk Brothers
o 1992 Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female - "The Woman I Am"
o 1990 Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal - "I'll Be Good To You" (with Ray Charles)
o 1984 Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female - "I Feel For You"
o 1983 Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female - Chaka Khan
o 1983 Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal "Ain't Nobody"
o 1983 Best Vocal Arrangement For Two Or More Voices - "Be Bop Medley"
o 1974 Best R&B Vocal Performance By A Duo, Group Or Chorus - "Tell Me Something Good
* She has won four American Music Awards.

Vocal Profile
Voice type: Light Dramatic Contralto
Highest note: Ab5 (Through The Fire), B5 (I can belt this note but with my head voice...not my chest, it hurts)
Lowest note: B2
Vocal range: 3 Octaves

Source and information from wikipedia.

Shuun comment:-

What I like about this lady is her voice and body gesture when singing. It totally different from other singer I listen. Very classic, power house, range, skill and awesome technique. It hard to explain with word actually, since shes the only female singer I know to had Light Dramatic Contralto type of voice. There still too many singer in this word that i don't recognize. >_>

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Shirley Bassey

Dame Shirley Veronica Bassey, DBE (born January 8, 1937), is a Welsh singer, perhaps best-known for performing the theme songs to the James Bond films Goldfinger (1964), Diamonds Are Forever (1971), and Moonraker (1979). She is the only singer to have recorded more than one James Bond theme song.

At age 15, young Shirley began working in a local factory. Having displayed an extraordinary talent for singing from a very early age, it was not long before Shirley began her professional career singing in working men's clubs. Throughout her youth, Shirley had been influenced by several American pop and jazz singers including Billy Eckstine, Lena Horne, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan and, most significantly, Judy Garland. By Bassey's own admission, Garland had a profound influence on her professional craft. Garland is also the performer to whom Bassey has been most closely compared throughout her career. Though unable to read music, Bassey dazzled her earliest audiences with pitch-perfect renditions of Horne's "Stormy Weather" and Garland's "Over the Rainbow".

For more info, go to and

Shuun comment:-

AWESOME...for 69 years old grandma...this women is AWESOME and LEGEND!! Her pipes seem like had been touch by Midas...coz after 50++ years in singing never faded..and got better and better..!! Now, ATTENTION TO ALL NEW SINGER!! You all only can dream to have that kind of voice and also charisma that never been surpassed by anyone for half of decade.

Dame Shirley Bassey is truly the only one and forever be the best and the most prowess belter ever. Seriously and I'm not kidding. Need proof? See the video below.



Now...i really love to hear any comment from you people.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Something I decide for myself

Yeah, i had decide...maybe tomorrow i'll do it. Just for the sake my studies and grade~!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Work Load!!

Its gonna be hectic this weekend for sure. Work load, assignment, 1000 word of creative-wtf-fcm dissertation, storyboard, sketches, and anything that need to put every last drop of sweat and tears to complete it. I believe this just a minor trial upon having the bigger one in future. Just need to have faith in my capability and what I'm wanna achieve.

Good news, my proposal had being approve and it seem the lecturer like it(i think). Bad thing is i don't know if i can complete the whole application(games) just like what i wrote in the proposal. I can ask for help if want to but, i guess for now i just need to depend for my self and not depending to other so much. I guess my ego and jealousy over other successful/talented student just make me feel like a failure. I just want prove that i'm wrong in this kind of situation.

I guess theres a positive sight why the FCM change their subject syllabus and make more individual assignment then group work.
1) The student can be mark and value in the range of their capability without need to consider other factors that usually occur in group assignment.
2) There will be less argument which person do more or less work.
3) Student learn to be independent and not being spoon feed all the time.
4) Concentrate more and manage the time well.

I shut up for now...need to eat lunch and start doing flow chart and storyboard for assignment. Hope by tomorrow i can finish it up and continue with my other assignment that need to be submit next week.

Task of the week
Thursday/Friday: Media Authoring 2
Saturday/Sunday: Design Process 3 for Digital Media
Monday: Creative Studies

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Its not a major update, just wanna announce that i will start selling my work to any people that wish to buy. Its not a print out, just the 300dpi jpeg files. For now, i only can offer for Malaysian since my Paypal account had been remove cause i forgot the ID and password. If you had any other method transferring money internationally, please inform me.

Do not give/sell the original file to other. I take this matter seriously if happen.

Only two of my work will be sell for now. But if wanna request other work, just tell me.

Still not decide the price, need to ask other people bout it. But i can confirm that it will be not be expensive since major of my work just in black/white or monotone color. Photography maybe a bit different. I will update bout the price really soon.

L is the word

Sleep well

p/s: Email me for request or question.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

L is the word

Mysterious genius. Will it ever appear?

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sarah McLachlan

Sarah Ann McLachlan, OC, OBC (born January 28, 1968) is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter. She founded Lilith Fair, a tour which showcased female musicians in the late 1990s.

Known for the emotional sound of her ballads, some of her popular songs include "Angel", "Building a Mystery", "Adia", "Possession", "Fallen", "I Will Remember You", and "World on Fire". Her best-selling album to date is Surfacing, for which she won four Juno Awards and two Grammy Awards.

Achievement and Award.

McLachlan has been nominated for twenty-one Juno Awards and awarded eight. In 1992, her video for "Into The Fire" was selected as best music video. In 1998, she won Female Vocalist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year (along with Pierre Marchand), Single of the Year for "Building A Mystery", and Album of the Year for Surfacing. In 2000, she won an International Achievement award and in 2004, won Pop Album of the Year for Afterglow and again shared the Songwriter of the Year award with Pierre Marchand for the singles "Fallen", "World on Fire", and "Stupid."

She has also won three Grammy Awards. She was awarded Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 1997 for "Building A Mystery" and again in 1999 for the live version of "I Will Remember You." She also scored Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1997 for "Last Dance." Among these, she is credited for various nominations.

McLachlan has been extensively profiled by media including cover stories for Rolling Stone, Time magazine, Entertainment Weekly and Flare, a Canadian fashion magazine.

Through her career, she has also received many awards, primarily in recognition of her efforts in launching Lilith Fair. She was awarded the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Visionary Award in 1998 for advancing the careers of women in music. In 1999, she was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Canada by then-Governor General Adrienne Clarkson in recognition of her successful recording career, her role in Lilith Fair, and the charitable donations she made to women's shelters across Canada. McLachlan also funds an outreach program in Vancouver that provides music education for inner city children. In 2001, she was awarded the Order of British Columbia.

Source and info from Wikipedia and Yahoo! image search.

Shuun Comment :-
More then words can say bout this lady. Watch the video and judge it yourself. Outstanding first class performance from talented songwriter and singer.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Kate Hudson (born September 12, 1981) is an Academy Award winning American actress and singer. She first gained notice as one of the finalists on the third season of the FOX television series American Idol. She went on to star as Effie Melody White in the 2006 musical film Dreamgirls, for which she won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and a SAG Award.

Source and info from Wikipedia and Yahoo! For more info go to

Shuun Comment :-

I'm her greatest fan seriously, from back when shes one of the contestant in third season of American Idol till now. This girl is one of a kind singer that bless with platinum set of lung that only normal people can dream of. Her "diva like" voice just extraordinary. If anyone doubt it, try to listen her sang "
And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" from the movie Dreamgirls. She blows me away of course. It is more then 20 years when that song was perform by legendary Jennifer Holliday during the 1982 Tony Award. Not a single singer dare to sing that song across the 20 yeas gap. I can confirm, it one of the toughest song too sing. The song full of emotion that make it not only meant to sing, but act as well. I give props to Ms.Holliday outstanding performance during Tony Award, and also for Ms. Hudson to be able to sing/act this song very well. (if there any Malaysian artist can sing that song, even half good then both of this girls, i will feature them here instantly)

For sure i already tried sing this song few times alone in room, and what can i say...I only manage to sing it below then average. I will shattered my lung if i sing it few times more. And also it involve stomach work, very strong diaphragm, and vocal chord. Jennifer Hudson manage to pull it off and blew up the roof. I salute her for that.

I willl definitely buy Ms.Hudson album when it release anytime this year. Can't wait. YOU GO GIRL!!! LOVE YOU!!!