Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the.UNTITLED.city Exhibition special entry 4

An opening day for our Digital Media Exhibition. Arrive at the lab quite early in the morning coz need to set up the mirror for projector reflection. I keep on telling myself that everything will be fine as long as we try our best and pray to God for guide. Climb the table and chair to put the wood frame and mirror inside the ceiling. I gamble everything for this mirror to work property. Some adjustment were made and finally, manage to project to the floor with suitable size. It was a big relief...seriously... The flash scripting part got few bug but we just bare with it until the lecturer finish do the assessment. Can feel my soul were just on the tip of very sharp horn...about to be pierce. But the lecturer quite happy with the overall installation, I'm glad...we glad. If there is no bug...the installation should be perfect and playable. Anyway...we already do our best...a very BIG thank to both of my groupmates, Kak Jue and Reen for all the effort the put inside the flash animation and scripting. Not to forget Mr.Kok Yoong and Mr.Alex for helping us with technical and programming part. And not to forget...ALL DM student for all your support. LOVE YOU GUYS VERY MUCH~!! <3>

We can do it!!! GO DM-ian!!!

The photographer.
Gonna work hard for tomorrow exhibition, also its our last day for the exhibition and...for MMD2133. It sad...but yeah, I feel contain...and just like Yunyi said to me, I made the right decision choosing DM for majoring.

p/s: Those yg ader picture taken kat taman ramai ramai tue plz send it to me plz. Yg high resnyer..RAW pon taper. I really want it. Thank you. Oh and I upload more picture later...too many to edit and resize.Hehehe... XD


Sunday, April 27, 2008

the.UNTITLED.city Exhibition special entry 3

Picture taken on Friday 25/4/2008


Friday, April 25, 2008

Audio-ing...Maya....maya...MaYa.. @_@

All the bad dream and nightmare of Audio Design almost come to an end. What a relief. This final project almost causing my right eardrum to bleed, too much exposed with loud and repeatable sound. Luckily my sporting room mates doesn't mind the volume since I solely depend on my EACAN speaker for listening. Headphone would likely spoil the sound. Its an 80% complete for draft presentation...last minute work some more. But the outcome is quite decent and good actually. The lecturer also give good remarks and happy with how we mix the audio. They suggest us to add 2-3 more ambiance sound on certain part to give more impact to the storyline and overall flow. Gonna add it before final submission.

Wanna see how my file looks like?

See below...

Yeah...all the sound file were use. The voice over part is the most trickiest...got around 30 audio track that being cut separate by verse.

Original track. Only manage to go through 5 - 6 files and my ear cannot handle anymore. Each track is around 30 second to 2 minute. Some are just rubbish recording. We abusing Mr.Ajoy recording studio...hehehe.

Some of my personal audio files that already been edited. Some are voice over, singing, music that I do some editing and alteration to create background sound and sound FX.


the.UNTITLED.city Exhibition special entry 2

Group: HiLoBetic


  • Ezreen Bte. Abdul Hamid
  • Juliana Bte. Jamaludin
  • Ezul Farhan Bin Elias

Title: Light Panic

This installation use traffic light as it metaphor. Engaging the user to participate in the game that test the user senses and reflect. We created a simulated environment where people will be exposed with all sort of element of the city traffic. This installation also to educate and instill awareness about the danger that lurks on-road should the rules be broken.



Below are picture taken during our progression of the installation project.

Pokai lagi...


Thursday, April 24, 2008

the.UNTITLED.city exhibition special entry


Title : the.UNTITLED.city
Description : the.UNTITLED.city present to you the outcome of Digital Media Design 3 (MMD2133) which exposes students to the commercial aesthetic & cultural implications of Interactive Installation. The artworks seen in this exhibition places the computer as central to their form and interactivity as the core principle. This fact, allows us to draw a useful line between the digital new media art practices and the analogue art forms.

the.UNTITLED.city explores how students are influenced by and can help shape the city through the use of digital media. The concern goes beyond the technological innovation towards an understanding of cultural, informational, social and emotional implications of digital media. Nevertheless, this exhibition is a field or sphere of unrestricted pleasurable activity, providing richly sensuous experiences to the audiences. The play structures here link many different types of setup that incorporates a range of digital media and they are united by a consistency of approach in which technology is deployed for creative expression.

the.UNTITLED.city, as an alternative audiovisual playspace, offering a range of enticing artistic works that are playful yet poetic, complex, aesthetically pleasing and critical.

  • Date : 29 - 30 April 2008
  • Time : 10.oo am till 5.oo pm
  • Venue : DR 0002 & DR 1009

Below are picture taken during the studio clean up. (23/4/2007)