Sunday, April 20, 2014

Distant Ray

...and at the end of the day
the only thing that I ever wish for
just your happiness and life fulfillment
your dream and ambition
it may seem like my motivation
had been torn apart by my own decision
but looking at your smile
I saw a small glimmer of distant light
far over the horizon of my heart
painfully beautiful and calming
as I know it is not the end
of our relationship
it just transforming into something
that worth keeping for eternity
and you know it

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quit Trying

...and I've tried my best to fight those feeling
those longing, desire, tempting, even lust
it's an endless inner conflict and struggle
war that I know I can't win in the long run
how badly I wanted my feeling to reach you
yet this unrequited love are no more then self greed
self possession over something or someone
but heart is not something you can easily acquire
I've known that much
and it hurts way too much for oneself to bare
even at the verge of crumbling
please, enlighten me
gave me a sign, any sign, black or white
put my heart at ease