Thursday, February 19, 2015

Never Being Straight

...and I told myself, nothing can be done if you keep on lying?
maybe I'm being sensitive but the way things are now
it won't do me any favor
if I spit it out, does it do me any good?
I'm afraid some people will distant them self from me
and some might loath to be near me from being different
nothing worse then feel rejected and neglected
from the people you put your greatest trust
even now I'm crumbling silently inside
and I thought I've found some one as my support
but it just a dream, hopeless dream
everything shattered into million pieces
that can't be mend
try to work things out on my own
in the dark corner of my cold room
I never truly understand why people commit suicide
for being different
but now, at this very moment
my heart felt the pain, excruciating pain and empathy
for all the people that had lost their way, their life
I understand now
it's never easy being different
never was...