Thursday, May 31, 2007

nothing to do la~!!

Nothing to do except makan and makan everyday~!! Getting gemuk for sure...lalalal~!! always everybody~!! XD


Monday, May 28, 2007

eat..makan and eat again~!!

Need more energy to write this blog. Becoming soooo lazy at home. I eat less at home but many time in a began gaining weight rite now. Wanna exercise but every petang also rain like cat and dog. Exercise inside my new room, store room to be precise since my big bro took over my own room. But it quiet comfortable and have air-cond( room have one) A bit creepy at night. I have no more idea what to wrote here. Holiday really can retard my brain. Spend most of my time in front my comp(as usual) and reading books. My life is so boring and simple isn't it. Go jalan-jalan? Nahh...not my thing and depend on my mood. JB is different than KL. Hehehe...

Friday, May 25, 2007

At home!!

In hometown rite now. Enjoying the holiday, yet so bored at the moment coz nothing to do except sleeping, playing the comp and eating.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

DM Beta Gathering 2007

Only few picture got clear image. Others blur and too dark. Only resize, no adjustment to the color was made. Anyway, enjoy and you guys totally RAWKS~!!! GO DM~!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Lineage 2 Craze!!!

Yups. Antharas is crazy. Its IMPOSSIBLE to kill him with only 2 people in the party.

Abg Baium kiter tengah senak perot..kesian~!!

Newlywed worse nightmare~!!!

Warghh..ganteng sekali~!!! <3

Antharas mengamuk lagi~!! XD

Holiday time

Exam is over. Its holiday time. Yeayy~!! Oh the, I'm kinda screw up my Multimedia Authoring 2 paper this morning in the scripting part. Goshh...everything seem to fly away from my brain when staring the question. @_@ Now can only depend on my assignment and final project. I got 55.5/70 for assignment and project. Exam is 30%...but I can guess that I can't score good mark for it. At least I want B or B+ for this subject. Hopefully.

Anyway, thats all for now. I need to start drawing all the commission as soon as possible. Use the whole 3 week holiday to complete all the request and gain some money.


Sunday, May 20, 2007


Nothing to do actually.

Anyone want to commish me anything just PM k. (Malaysian only) I will accept international request if you know how to make bank transfer since I only accept bank transfer for now.

Lineart/Sketch (Detail or Simple) - RM3.00
Pencil shading (Especially the hair part) - RM5.00
Charges for extra character can be discuss. I'm very generous, so don't worry.

If the price are expensive please tell me.

I accept:-

1)Fanart (provide reference)
2)OC remake (provide reference)
3)Yaoi/Shonen-ai/Shoujo-ai (explicit content will kept to the minimum, except if requested something more)

Every artwork scan in 300 dpi.
I won't send the original copy except if you can pay extra cash for postal service.

+Extra Announcement+

I've been thinking to sell some of my original sketches since I have a tight financial right now. But I don't really know how much price should I put. Any suggestion?

p/s: Browse my gallery to select any work you wanna buy. Inked artwork won't be sell.

Wierd dream

*Rant in malay + English*

Ntah la...semalam raser cam orait jer, tido pon leyh kata nyenyak. Tang mimpi tue yg pelik. Sangat pelik and disgusting. And sangat la freak me out for some reason. Nak explain pon tak ta caner sebab the whole dream memang weird. Yang paling ingat ader orang dok suicide kat sekolah. Dok terjun dalam lobang kumbahan pastu biler doktor bedah siasat ader katak dalam perut dier. @_@ Memang mengucap banyak maser tue. Time dier terjun tue memang sumer orang dok jerit jerit. Aku cumer tutup telinga sebab memang tengah takot sangat. Ohh...akoo tak tau saper yg suicide tue. Ader muker tapi tak ingat caner. Then tak pasal pasal, mimpi trus jump jadik bender lain lak. Tapi still kat skool. Yg kali nie bdak yg suicide tue dah jadik monster aper tah. Kepala dah jadik mechanicals ngan mulut besi. Biler bukak mulut penuh ngan darah ngan tahi...lidah dier pentuk cam dawai letrik ngan bunyi yg melekit lekit. Eiiiii...pas tang tue, terjaga jap dari tido sebab badan berpeluh peluh. Pastue tak ingat caner, tertido balik, gie sambung mimpi tue lak... Menatang tue ngan skool still jadik bender utama dalam mimpi. >_> Yg freak me out biler menatang tue bergerak kuar bunyi semacam. Bunyi besi berlaga, berdesing, melekit-lekit, sora sora pelik. Warrghhh... memang tension and pastue ako trus tak leyh nak tido and terbangun trus. Tapi kepala masih terbanyang gak sambil tulis entry nie. Jarang nak mimpi bender bender pelik nie. tapi mungkin semalam ader wat salah or basuh kaki tak bersih. Bacer doa sebelom tido pon rasernyer tak betul. Tue yg kuar mimpi mimpi pelik nih.. dah la koo tinggal sorang jer kat apartment, budak lain sumer dah balik holiday. Esok ader last paper, pastue tue 24/5 baru balik JB...ayah amik. Serius takmo dok sini sengsorang. Ok lah, ituh jer wat maser nie. Nak gie mandeyh. Bye and wsalam.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Greatest anime intro song

My top choice

1) Doraemon
2) Sailormoon

Don't you agree..~!!? ^_^ Composer for both anime song intro are genius!!

Darker Than Black

An inscrutable and abnormal territory, known as Hell's Gate, appeared in Tokyo and altered the sky. At the same time, people who possess various special abilities emerged. However, the cost of gaining those abilities is the loss of human emotion. Feared by the world populace, these individuals able to murder in cold blood are known as Contractors. Intelligence agencies around the world utilize Contractors to uncover the secrets of Hell's Gate and engage in violent battles of intelligence information.

Hei is sent to Tokyo under the guise of an ordinary Chinese student, Li Shunsheng, but he is really a top-level Agent and Contractor from the Organization with the code BK201. Hei fights against other Contractors with unpredictable abilities and encounters and parts with women with sorrowful pasts. He also becomes entangled with the Japanese National Police Agency on the phenomenon of Hell's Gate.


Hell's Gate (Jigoku Mon (Heruzu Gēto))
A mysterious and powerful territory, which appeared in Tokyo ten years before the start of the series. Its appearance led to the rise of Contractors and Dolls.

Heaven's Gate
Disappeared sometime before the beginning of the storyline. It used to be located in South America and was supposedly tied to Havoc in some way.

Contractor (Keiyakusha)
People who gained superhuman abilities, but lost most of their human emotions after the appearance of Hell's Gate. They must pay a price, in an act called remuneration, in exchange for use of their powers. This obeisance may vary greatly, from breaking one's own fingers to eating flowers. Each Contractor's ability and obeisance are different. They are remarked to be cold, and rely on apathetic reason and logic to make decisions.

Doll (Dōru)
A passive spirit medium created in someone else's image. A Doll is given that person's memories and may even assume their personality. Unlike Contractors, who retain certain emotions, Dolls are completely emotionless. However, Shinoda Chiaki, a Doll, displayed having her own "life", saving Hei from being killed from Jean.

Moratorium (Moratoriamu)
An intermediate between a Contractor and a Doll. Moratoria appear to be people with Contractor powers who are unable to remunerate. Consequently, they use their powers without being aware, shifting into a Doll like state of unconsciousness. According to Mao, the chance of a Moratorium morphing into a Contractor is near zero. Due to their inability to control their powers, Moratoria are considered highly dangerous.

The Organization (Soshiki)
A mysterious syndicate to which Hei, Yin, Huang, and Mao belong.

A Contractor who loses their powers in exchange for a flicker of hope for a normal life.

The act of payment by a Contractor for the usage of their powers. It takes different shape from Contractor to Contractor, and Contractors must perform this regardless of their personal preferences. Known remunerations include smoking cigarettes, singing a song, earmarking the pages of a book, laying out pebbles in a rectangular pattern, breaking one's own fingers,eating flowers and drinking the blood of children.

Picture and information from wikipedia

Shuun comment:- A must see anime. Love the brutality and some gore~!! >XD

Celine Dion - "S'il n'en restait qu'une"

Celine Dion latest French single


Nothing to update and I'm currently addicted back to Lineage 2~!! got one more exam paper on monday...tomorrow start study...tonite play game till pengsan~!!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

The OMG~!!!

Yesterday was the day my friends and me already plan long ago to go Red Box(we go Green Box instead coz the one in Lowyat already full). Everyone sing their soul out and spend the whole 3 hours sing sing and more sing~!! Yeah, I myself really enjoyed the moment plus the room are very spacing plus the food. Its so worth the money we pay. And for the first time ever, I myself release my upper voice register. Doesn't sound beautiful more to screaming than singing. Hahahah...!! XD Blame myself coz like to pick killer female song. The song I sang mostly was English, 1 French and 1 Malay. Owhh...and I backup for all the song my friend sing.
Here the list of song I sang yesterday:-
1) The Prayer (duet with Kak Reen)
2) La Lettre (Lara Fabian French song)
3) Because of you (Kelly Clarkson)
4) You'll see (Madonna)
5) And I Telling You I'm Not Going (Jennifer Holliday/Jennifer Hudson...KILLER SONG MAN~!!!)
6) The Power of The Dream (Celine Dion...okeyh I lost my voice when sing this song)
7) Kurniaan Dalam Samaran (Siti song...all over the place..dah takleyh control suara sebb tekak dah strain.

Yups, 7 song if not mistaken not include all those duet and backup. >XD Owhh, I lost my voice today and it sound weird. Lung still feel funny...~!!

Okeyh, now the Revelation.


88 C8 4186.01
87 B7 3951.07

86 A#7/Bb7 3729.31
85 A7 3520
84 G#7/Ab7 3322.44
83 G7 3135.96
82 F#7/Gb7 2959.96
81 F7 2793.83
80 E7 2637.02
79 D#7/Eb7 2489.02
78 D7 2349.32
77 C#7/Db7 2217.46
76 C7 2093
75 B6 1975.53
74 A#6/Bb6 1864.66
73 A6 1760
72 G#6/Ab6 1661.22
71 G6 1567.98
70 F#6/Gb6 1479.98 <------- \( ^o^ )/
69 F6 1396.91
68 E6 1318.51
67 D#6/Eb6 1244.51
66 D6 1174.66 <-------- ( I thot this was my limit..I'm wrong)
65 C#6/Db6 1108.73
64 C6 1046.5
63 B5 987.767
62 A#5/Bb5 932.328
61 A5 880
60 G#5/Ab5 830.609
59 G5 783.991
58 F#5/Gb5 739.989
57 F5 698.456
56 E5 659.255
55 D#5/Eb5 622.254
54 D5 587.33
53 C#5/Db5 554.365
52 C5 523.251
51 B4 493.883
50 A#4/Bb4 466.164
49 A4 (A440) 440
48 G#4/Ab4 415.305
47 G4 391.995
46 F#4/Gb4 369.994
45 F4 349.228
44 E4 329.628
43 D#4/Eb4 311.127
42 D4 293.665
41 C#4/Db4 277.183
40 C4 (middle C) 261.626
39 B3 246.942
38 A#3/Bb3 233.082
37 A3 220
36 G#3/Ab3 207.652
35 G3 195.998
34 F#3/Gb3 184.997
33 F3 174.614
32 E3 164.814
31 D#3/Eb3 155.563
30 D3 146.832
29 C#3/Db3 138.591
28 C3 130.813
27 B2 123.471
26 A#2/Bb2 116.541
25 A2 110
24 G#2/Ab2 103.826
23 G2 97.9989
22 F#2/Gb2 92.4986
21 F2 87.3071
20 E2 82.4069
19 D#2/Eb2 77.7817
18 D2 73.4162
17 C#2/Db2 69.2957
16 C2 65.4064
15 B1 61.7354
14 A#1/Bb1 58.2705
13 A1 55
12 G#1/Ab1 51.9130
11 G1 48.9995
10 F#1/Gb1 46.2493
9 F1 43.6536
8 E1 41.2035
7 D#1/Eb1 38.8909
6 D1 36.7081
5 C#1/Db1 34.6479
4 C1 32.7032
3 B0 30.8677
2 A#0/Bb0 29.1353
1 A0 27.5

Classification of vocal range in classical music

Description about vocal range and type of voice for male and female.

The following vocal range classifications are typically used in classical music (from highest to lowest):

Soprano (240 - 1170 Hz)

Mezzo-soprano (220 - 900 Hz)

Contralto (130 - 700 Hz)

Tenor (130 - 440 Hz)

Baritone (110 - 350 Hz)

Bass (80 - 330 Hz)

The first three ranges are usually sung by women, and the last three are usually sung by men. Occasionally men will sing in the three female registers. When sung by men, they are renamed:




p/s:- check which category are you..heheh~!! XD I'm originally a high alto.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Okeyh, where am I?

Finish second exam paper this morning, got one more to go next week then finish. Dunno what to write here actually since theres nothing to update. And I'm currently in lazy mood. So lazy that I could sleep the whole day without doing anything. Revision for exam? Hahahah...revision my foot!! >XD Wanna to take chance this few day to relax my brain and enjoy the free time alone inside my apartment room. Oh...forgot to mention that I got new computer table. the old one I place in kitchen. Now I got more free space and can do some drawing on the table itself since the old computer table can't barely do any work on it since it just fit for a keyboard and monitor. Not to mention all the dust under and behind it.

Got a week more to survive before return to my hometown. And the money inside my bank account got another RM130 balance. I hope it enough for me to buy bus ticket and pay all the transportation fees.. Dad still not confirming whether wanna pick me up or I go back by bus. So I really need to allocated and spare money inside pocket just in case. If not because those "DAMN" two month bill, I will never be this broke. Haihh...why my bill so expensive compare to other? Its 4 people sharing inside the apartment yet I'm still the most expensive. Haihh...*sigh* Its not like they paying me just to kept the house in a good shape. Yes, I'm the only person that spend most of the time inside the house and also the one that always throw out the rubbish, cleaning, the bathroom, tidy the kitchen, plus guard the house. The living room? Nah, I will not take any trouble to clean it up since it not my thing there. But honestly still, an eyes soar. I remember that only once the living room was being tidy up by my housemates. But that because some female friends wanna come to do some group study. Hahaha....clever, very clever. Pifff...~!!! What happen to the living room now? Hmm, back to the same old living room that I know. Thing scattered everywhere especially junk food and... >______>;; mens underwear. Owhh plz...I'm not turn on looking at it. Ohh, and those thing piling on the corner just trap more dust and become a headquarters for General Termite, Presiden Spider and Soldier Ant. Ohh..maybe some unknown creature also hiding behind it. Maybe Godzilla or Ultraman....or Sailormoon y any chance? just dunno what will happen when I leave the house for 3 weeks holiday. From the past experience, the living room are hectic, maggot inside the dustbin, my cooker very greasy and oily, not to mention the oil splattered everywhere, on the floor and the kitchen wall, and those funny smell came out from "unknown" item. Ohh..I'm sick of it...very very sick of it. Ohh...forgot, the bathroom transforming into..........................................................*sigh*

Thats all for now. Gonna get some rest and call my father for confirmation. And maybe ask him to bank in some more money so I can estimate how much money I need to spend to go back JB.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Jour d'examen

Le jour d'examen arrivent finalement. Je n'étudie pas ma communication créatrice encore. Dorment toute la nuit. Un meilleur début font la révision maintenant puisqu'I effrayé ne pourrait pas parvenir à dissimuler toutes matières. Et la pièce d'essai est la plus importante. La marque habituellement grande pour l'essai. Je ne sais pas si question bien choisie multiple obtenue ou pas. J'espère que je ne visse pas vers le haut de cet article puisqu'il un papier facile à marquer comparent à l'autre papier. Quoi qu'il en soit, c'est tout pour maintenant. Voulez commencer l'étude maintenant. Souhaitez-moi la chance ! !


Sunday, May 13, 2007


I feel sleepy the whole day. Wake up early in the morning, take bath, go to the mini mart to buy something to cook, sit in front the pc but with nothing inside the head. Then start too feel sleepy again. I dunno how many time I took a short nap today. 3-4 times and still counting. Arghh..I will go sleep for a while after finish writing this blog.

Ohh, tomorrow got Creative Communication paper at 2.30p.m . Not study anything yet. Don't care, sleep comes first.


no excitement...

I really should have posted something yesterday but I totally out off my mood. Actually theres nothing to post since I don't have update rite now after my final project submission. I just just thought life kinda boring without any assignment. Yes, my brain kinda give me the impression that when we do assignment and tend do a lot of thinking, the brain get healthier. Stress also give positive affect to the brain. But rite now my stress doesn't help the brain to function like usual. Its totally boring. Nothing to do except study for coming exam. Many artwork still in W.I.P mode. I can't find the suitable motivation to do it now. Watching anime is entertaining but doesn't work sometimes. I just realize that I don't spend time for myself. What I mean is, I use to spend time with others, but theres no space for myself. I ignore what myself really needed and end up screw up my inner self. Now, I really hope to turn back to my old self when I'm still a loner and spend most of my time alone coz as far as I'm remember that the only time when I really took care of own self and what my desire needed. I think about myself alone without need to worry bout my surrounding. I want those special feeling when I'm did everything own my own without out side factor. My father always said that do the thing you must do and never ever had second thought about it. Yes,I kept my father word till now and it become half of my ego. I'm very strict to my decision coz that what I learn from little. Try to bend my ego, prepare the consequences you may face.

I feel so bad this 2 days coz I miss my Asar and Maghrib prayer for 2 days straight. Reason, I overslept. Very very stupid reason and if my father know, for sure he will give me a heavy punishment. But the thing I really afraid is the punishment after life. Every time think bout this, it give me the cold chill. I don't wanna this to happen ever again, but still it happen. I just realize that I'm not a strong person after all. But I hope and pray it will change.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Resubmit and I'm FREE~!!

At 11.00 a.m gonna resubmit my assignment then I'm free!! (Next week got 2 paper exam...duhh)
But anyway, thats not the problem. Study well for sure can answer one. XD
Buhbyez Beta Trimester 3!!!



Thursday, May 10, 2007

Finally, and latest shocking news!

Yups, final presentation is over. XD I feel so free for the first time of my life, and its the most satisfying "free" feeling that never had experience before. Ahh....this semester is the most wonderful semester ever...EVER!!! Yes, eventho it the pain in the ass sometimes, but it still great. I learn so many from the others coursemate...or should I said my junior(sound cute). all are excellent from my point of view compare to my batch. And even more friendlier. Everyone got their own uniqueness and talent that I can really learn from. Seriously I can't express how happy I am this whole Beta year. ^_^ Thank you everyone. And also for all the lecturer and tutor, all of you had done a great job.

Shocking News

Its a bit to late to wrote this thing, but i write it anyway. It happen yesterday morning around 6.50a.m in the morning. Its a just a lite shower outside in Cyberjaya. But then something happen that really give a shock to my entire life and it never happen before. Theres one lightning that suddenly strike, I think all the building in Cyberia, and I can 100% confirm it it hit directly to my C2 block. I saw it with my own eyes the ray of light vertically pass through the building outside my room window. And to make the matters worse, the window is currently open during that time. The thundering sound only god know how loud it is. It just so sudden since the rain already pouring more then an hour without any sign of thunder or lightning. And the best part is, when the lightning strike, I myself actually been hit by it electric wave coz that thing just pass through outside the my window. I never been hit by one ever in my life, but it painful even for wave. My whole body, especially hand shaking like I had a Parkinson, and its non-stop even while I'm lie down on my bed. And the whole body feel and abnormal heat. During the strike I actually in front of my pc working with my assignment. My monitor flickering few times and the color distorted. I stay at my sit for couple of second watching the monitor, then the second lightning hit the block. I thought almost 3/4 of my soul already lost when it happen. I close my window, block the outside view with my curtain, shutdown my pc coz can't bare to let my pc get hit by lightning since it still kinda new. And what I'm thinking during that time is, how am I gonna finish my assignment in this critical time plus the monitor not in good condition. Yes, I'm speechless, can't decide what to do, and with the whole body shivering. Then my friend sms and call me to know what had happen. Trembling and I about to cry yet I hold back. The lightning still booming like crazy outside. But still I'm lucky to survive from the wave. Alhamdulillah. God still love me and give chance for me to live.

I thing that about all for now.
I will write new entry later today coz wanna rest now.



Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The day without dream

Two day straight without sleep is really something not healthy for both mind and body(especially face coz it so obvious). I can't feel my palm and some part of the body. All the senses all screw up, and my appetite also decreasing. And mood swing is unavoidable. I'm became more rude and ignorant, not to miss INSANE + SPEAKO. Today got last assignment submission and presentation, and I want it to end. Yes, I'm really in a state where both left and right mind not functioning properly. So there is a very big possibilities that I will talk rubbish during the presentation(plus all the wrong grammar and vocab).

Anyway, need to continue do the last assignment. I can't bare to procrastinate anymore since I hoping to get good grade for this design subject. And honestly I enjoy doing all design subject,but when it come to literal thinking or communication subject, it totally out of my league and field of interest. But what can I do, its in the syllabus. Can't avoid it till I'm graduate. Haihh...

That all for now. Buhbyez~!!


Monday, May 7, 2007

The 4 Elemental God/Goddess

Concept art for my assignment/application bout art and music. Had a hard time doing all this vector graphic since I'm not familiar with Illustrator. Took few days and every each of it took more then 5 hours to complete, plus finger hurt like hell. Ngaaa... But thanks to the lecturer for teaching basic step/skill in Illustrator that I can really learn and use it for my work. Hehehehe..arigato sensei~!!!

p/s: Rushing for DEADLINE rite now...and got 2 assignment to finish at the same time...hopefully everything will go as I had planned. InsyaAllah~!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Yes I'm madly insane and moody now.

The reason why easy to get drowsy while at home....

Hehehe...looks at the comparison. XD

Apartment(Cyberjaya) - Hot, direct sunlight, desert outside, small room, uncomfortable bed(not really), bleaarghh housemates.

Conclusion - Hard to get sleep during day time coz the climate, need to wait till late night when the cool breeze come in then can sleep like baby. Feels like sleeping inside computer lab... >_> with
out the air-cond of course.


Home(Johor Bahru) - 2 single bed that belong to me(its my own room anyway), air-cond + ceiling fan(I prefer fan coz its totally cool here ...switch on aircond only if it really hot), no computer, my own tv, alot of magazines/comics/novel/dictionary(yeahh..I read alot..XD).Most important,my own bathroom...seriously I hate sharing bathroom with others.

Conclusion - Home is like a slumberland for most people.And we likely to sleep the whole time coz its comfortable and yet close to our family.

My second bed room, or should i say its a guest/computer room. But when unavoidable thing happen,I still need to sleep here...haihh...and I hate the mattress. Got back pain every morning...and all my muscle strained. Dun ask me why coz I dunno. But yeah...that lamp and lighting give some romantic feeling for sure. Hehehe...~!! XD

Forever lost and never came back...

Tatak in memory

2 years had pass but the memories still strong and I myself still believe that he still live somewhere eventho the chance are very thin. Really hope that someday he return back but that day unfortunately will never arrive. Haihh...~!!

If you see closely, both Boboi and Tatak had the same color and almost the same pattern on their fur except that Tatak had more white area. They both also had twisted spiral tail. And thats the reason we kept Boboi rite now since it bring back almost all the memories Tatak had given us for almost 4 years. My father also seem really love both cats compare to other cat that we use to have. He usually not a type of person that love animal such as cat(he love Japanese carp/koi for sure...), but Tatak and Boboi is an exception. Dunno why.

We will always love you, Tatak~!! *sob*

p/s: Tatak and Boboi doesn't related to each other by any chance. It just a coincident they both look similar.


warghhh...rush...rush...rushh~!!! All assignment due next week........~!! Sleepless day and night for 3 days for sure...~!! Damn you!!! @_@

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Boboi

If you ever thought who is Boboi that I had mention in my previous the answer~!! Hehehehe.... XD

Hehehe..such a lazy cat. =D Meowwww...~!!


I had a tear after seeing this video. Its not because of the beautiful nasheed or the people inside the pic, it just what I thought over my own self to be a Muslim. Am I a good Muslim? Am I pray five times a day? Am I do what a Muslim need to to do? After think back over this question, its give me this sad and chill feeling coz all the sin I had commit throughout my life. I'm not a good Muslim or pious person but I tried to be as good as a Muslim can be. Honestly said sometimes I miss my prayer eventho not so often(when unavoidable thing happen). But if I miss my prayer while I'm free or having fun somewhere, is that something that can be forgiven? No. I will never forgive myself over what I have done. Allah S.W.T forgive those who seek forgiveness and realize their own weaknesses. I'm afraid what am I become in the future. Can I be a person that devoted to my religious or is it the other way round. It scare me even more than death itself. What we do in our living time will be given reciprocation after we die. We will be judge base on the thing we do while still live. To be a good person is easy, but to be a good Muslim is hard. I pray to Allah S.W.T to open my heart and lighten me to the right path so I won't go to the wrong path. Same goes too all Muslim and Muslimah all over the world. InsyaAllah.

Grégory Lemarchal (R.I.P)

Grégory Lemarchal (b. May 13, 1983 in La Tronche, France, d. April 30, 2007 in Paris) was a French singer and winner of Star Academy Season 4, broadcast on the TF1 television network.

Grégory was born and raised near Chambéry, as the first child of mother Laurence and father Pierre Lemarchal, with a sister Leslie. At twenty months of age, he was diagnosed with the hereditary disease cystic fibrosis.

In 1995, he became France champion of acrobatic rock.

In 1998, he unsuccessfully participated to show "Graines de stars", but acquired a local fame in his native region.

Through a friend, in mid-June of 2004, Lemarchal was contacted by the producers of Star Academy in Paris who had wanted one more male singer for the show. Eventually, by the end of the show's run, Lemarchal had been announced the winner, with 80% of the public approval, an unmatched score.

His debut single, Ecris l'histoire (disque de platine), peaked at number two on the French singles chart; and his debut album, Je deviens moi (double disque d'or"), released on April 18, number one, selling more than a million copies.

At the NRJ Music Awards 2006 (in january 2006), Lemarchal was awarded Révélation francophone de l'année as breakthrough artist of the year.

He died of complications from Cystic Fibrosis on the morning of 30 April 2007, waiting for an organ transplant.

Shuun comment:-

It sad to know that he died in such a young age(24). I know him after seeing video he duetting with Lara Fabian in Star Academy. Rest in peace my friend.

Grégory Lemarchal - Ecris l'historie

Friday, May 4, 2007

Why asian guys can't get white girls

Hahaha...its so true~!!

La Difference

The different 1

The different 2

Its ok to be creative or different once in a while. ^_^

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ketabahan and Faith

Dari semalam sampai pagi nie non-stop wat assignment. Semalam muler dari Asar, start wat Design Process dulu. Abiskan sumer digital design. Ader dua lagi jer theme lom siap..tapi yg tak susah la. Yg amik maser dah settle semalam. Sampai skang nie raser tak ngantuk langsung. Pelik tul sebab biasanyer time time canie dah ngantuk semacam. Badan still ader tenaga agaknyer. Lagipun jap lagi memang nak gie withdraw duit untuk amik duit sewa. Maybe go a bit late coz rite now the sun is very damn hot. It gave my eyes a painful feeling. english also sinking like kapal haram. It seem I can't get any English sentence a correct grammar or word usage. And my diction are very limited nowadays.

Assignment ader dua lagi nak kener settlekan sebab due date is next week. And its a total nightmare for most of the student. Procrastinate will be your worse enemy ever at the time like this. Last minute work wont help. Garghh...the tension is rising now and I began to feel blood pressure increase inside my head. >_>

Anyway...wanna rest for a while before go to MMU. I'm starving to death coz yesterday not eat anything. Only drank Milo.

Ja ne

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Aime - Love


It is the sweet fruit that the universe and the earth sows
A divine present which are offered to you
If you believe in this luck
The life arranges to give us
The other half of the orange

It is a journey in the hollow of the flesh
Where the war doesn’t exist
The proof that each of our sincere prayers will find
An answer in spite of the absence
As soon as the love moves

The life is so beautiful
As soon as you become that or the one who loves
The certainty that the other one is essential
It is a rendez-vous as a present of the sky

And madmen you of the hatred
Do not become again that or the one who saddens
The solitude is a cruel way
Never forget that the love is eternal

It is a caress and we tremble together
We expected it more (ever)
It is the glance which looks like us with the face
Of this stranger
Suddenly tears flood our hearts
We embrace the happiness

The life is so beautiful
As soon as you become that or the one who loves
The certainty that the other one is essential
It is a rendez-vous as a sign of the sky

And madman you of the hatred
Do not become again that or the one who saddens
The solitude is a cruel way
Remember you that the love is an eternal

I say to you L O V E

Lyrics /Composer - Lara Fabian
Translation - My beloved Tom. Thank you and love you so much.

All time favourite MTV

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

MTV of the week

My personal choice

Kerry Underwood - Before He Cheats

Lara Fabian -
Si tu n'as pas d'amour

What are you wearing now?

A task for me...

Detail description of the thing you wearing now

1)Brown singlet
2)Dark blue tracksuit
3)White greenish DEPI men bikini style underwear (OMMGGGG~!!!)
4)Aiken medicated talc all over my body
5)Baby lotion on my face skin

Tue jer for now...tader per per yg interesting pon~!! Ngahahahaha.....~!!