Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Biler MMU jumper UIA

Haikal called me the day before asking whether I'm free yesterday coz he and his groupmates need to do some study and research on university building and architecture. They choose MMU and OSIM as their studies. So confirm everything and they arrived in MMU around 10.30a.m. Am I excited? Of course. Its been like 3 years since the last time I meet him. He doesn't change much...except for the appearance. From cute innocent boy to a young adult. I felt much more younger like seriously...eventho by month, I'm older. There are many thing I want to chat about but since this is not "borak-borak" trip, so I just do my job as tour guide around MMU covering every area and building that existed and can be seen by naked eyes. Doesn't feel any awkwardness while get together with them since we about the same age and one of them are my neighbor in JB.
So we spend like 2 hours walking, took photo around MMU compound...luckily today the sun doesn't shine with sinisterly radiance smile that will burn your skin like he use to do. I don't understand the perception of architecture student like seriously. The use a lot of critical, reasoning and logical thinking while observing the subject matter. Triple "WHY" I might say. So while they got into some discussion, I only stand aside and watch. For some reason I couldn't stop smiling.

Thanks Tiqa(beside me on the left) for treating everyone include myself those drinks and also Haikal(most right with stripes) for the Nasi Lemak Old Town that you forgot to cancel from the order list. Plus the others for the great companionship...sorry I can't remember you guys name. Maybe next time we can meet and borak-borak again.

p.s: I've known Haikal since kindergarten but befriend in Form 2.

This old entry got picture during our secondary school. See the horrific different.


Lets talk about Jalan-Jalan

Its like we spend 2-3 day straight jalan-jalan without even think bout assignment and all. Not in the mood plus I don't want to stare at the monitor from morning till dawn and extended to dusk. Its not like it gonna kiss me or anything that can heighten my libido or this unbearable lust. So I was like try not to think so much all this burdening excruciating workload. I'd planning on going back home last week, but cancel it twice mainly because there is no internet at home. I don't know what happen, my sis called and told me whether I have kept spare modem or not. Yeah...I have one backup modem in case of the current one got sex-up by lightning strike. The day after my other sis bugged me while I'm still "wet dreaming" and ask me to pay the internet bill. I was like..."ok...but let me finish the dream first...its reaching the climax". After done my business in Lalaland, I reach the mouse and open Maybank2u. Sms-ed my sis for the tm and tmnet account number. My sis called me back asking which one is which... I told her...give me both and how much should I pay. From the background sound, I can tell that even my father is confuse...hear his voice talking with both my sis. So I settled the problem by paying RM200 for line and tenet. Solve one unimportant problem.

Last Friday I, Mek Yah(Tasha) and Ezreen go to Alamanda for Karaoke-ing, Cinema-ing and Makan-ing. So we spending like 1/4 day in Alamanda maksiat-ting till crack our voice, head and stomach. At least everyone satisfied and just let go everything from their head. We go to Alamanda around 4.00p.m.

What I called "Berendut di Zebra Crossing with Tasha Sambil Cam Whoring"

Tengah fehling tue...do not disturb
Tekan suara lg...lets hit that high notes!!

Org lain nyanyi aku cam whore la...

Ezreen letih...Tasha sambung lg..

Tasha still penuh ngan tenaga yg tak diketahui...

Gie makan kat satu restoran kat celah2 ceruk SK..luper namer dier.

Ubat urut utk pompuan gatei...tgh promotion!!

Ubat urut untuk lelaki miang...tgh promotion gak!!


Actually pas karaoke kitorang gie tgk The Day The Earth Stood Still. Citer dier tader la best maner...but because Keanu Reeves was the main actor, at least I can cuci mata. Even at the age of 44, he still hot tho. Makin tua makin ensem lak abg sorang nie( dier lom kahwin so panggil abg la...hehehe) Jennifer Connelly pon such a beautiful actress.

Quote of the day "Aku ***** ***** kau kang" Nie yg terkuar dari mulut aku biler wat silly arguing ngan Tasha kat restoran tue. Aper yg bintang2 tue...hanya aku, Ezreen ngan Tasha jer tau. Ihikk...


Monday, December 22, 2008

What just happen in class...?

Its Monday and everyone as usual not very excited in going to class plus "monday blues" diseases that infected most of people around the world. Like we had done every week, student come to class in regular time basis, not to early or late eventho the person that should come early ALWAYS LATE for an unexplained reason.

So the class start around 9.30a.m and we had some decent lecture about what we need to do for our next assignment submission. Got confuse in certain part but I tried to understand it on my own since I don't expected to get feedback that will cause further confusion. Yadda yadda...we had break at 11.00 till 11.15 a.m.

The second lecture is ok I guess but at the end of it, something really UNPREDICTABLE happen. Seriously I don't expecting it, same goes to everyone...not during our very critical time and condition. I realize that the whole class environment start to become very dark, gloomy, uncomfortable. This sudden blow up really caught everyone by surprise. Without any reason, he suddenly throw all those unmotivated words and even provoking all the student to challenge him like nobody business. By default, he got more knowledge from 20 years experience in the area compare to ours. Doesn't like the way we do our tasks and works. Ok fine...but do you really guide us properly? Do you concern about our struggle just to kept everything up to your expectation and standard? Do you motivate us to do our best just like the lecturer in Beta and Gamma use to gave? Have you ever wonder why we more comfortable in communicate with our Beta and Gamma lecturer and even asking them guidance for this final year project?

Frankly says, this is the worst trimester ever and I'm not surprise if next trimester gonna be far more terrible.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

The music within you

DO... I have decided to do something different
RE... With only a pinch of knowledge, I look forward to learn something new
MI... Just like a child, learn how to walk
FA... And began to run
SO... Stop for a while to take breathe, absorbing the nutrient
LA... I understand, I have achieve it
TI... Grab everything and embrace the warm
DO... With a newly voice of confident


Saturday, December 20, 2008


Open my eyes...
and swallowing this polluted reality...
this "unconcernity" shrouded every available spaces...
and causing me to puke all my guts
realizing nothing is understandable...


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Harel Skaat- Ahvnu

Where can you fine a good looking male artist with impressive voice, great personality, talented, very tidy and clean person. Harel Skaat is what I categorize all in one. Whatever you throw at him will sound good, despite what genre it was.

Ahvnu shows his ability to sing in Arabic tune eventho the song is in hebrew. Listen how he end the song.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Activities in a week...

Port Dickson
Date: 11/12/2008


MGA - Malam Gemerlapan Aidiladha 2008

Venue: MMU Cyberjaya Grandhall
Date: 10/12/2008


Friday, December 12, 2008

I am mad...

Lara Fabian - Je Suis Malade

Harel Skaat - Bdidut

Nearing the point where sanity wouldn't be a right choice to rely on.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Time is ticking...and it will never stop.
Officially panic.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Please be with me

Once...I said to myself, life is not always beautiful.
Why? The unconscious me ask.
Count all the colours you can identify around you.
For what? Again he ask.
Life are full of colours...but not all colour are beautiful.
So? He start to become agitated.
All the colour accompliment each other whether its beautiful or not.
Your point? Trying hard to understand the phrases.
Life is not perfect without any hardship or circumstances. In this life, everything are well balance...including you and I. You are my counter part...my alter ego.
Without you, I am nothing.