Monday, June 30, 2008

3rd week of jantaness~!!

Start the day in office with not so severe stomachache. I ate way too much last night. Can't help it coz I didn't eat the whole day plus go shopping at Jusco Permas Jaya, spend RM100 voucher from golf tournament that father got. Buy all those instant/fast to cook food, wedges, fries, nugget, hot dog, 3 packet of A1 fried chicken.


Wake up 10 minute late for the first time after 2 week intern. Not that I sleep late...more early then usual...around 10.30 p.m. Talk about how exhausted I am. So I sleep soundly last night without any disturbance. Even dream some weird stuff but I can't recall back what is it about. Then when I open my eyes, its already 7.00 a.m. Office start at 8.00 p.m, so I really need to rush. Take short bath, wear Tuesday office cloth and drive all way through to office like drunk driver. I had morning sickness if you ask. And driving is not my thing but still I need to do it. Right now my stomach doesn't really act friendly. The "thing" inside keep on kicking and boxing around the inner membrane.

Anyway...which design will you choose between these 3?


Binary Space
Cube Dimension

Pentra Sphere

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ken Hirai - Aika/Elegy

I'm hooked with this song more then a year now. Beautiful video clips...tho I don't really get it the story and flow. Astound with the idea and creativity.

He sure a hottie ain't he? XD


Diablo 3 gameplay preview

You know what...I got an erection why viewing this awesome Diablo 3 gameplay. The first glimpse makes me feel awe and I don't blink even a second since the graphic, music and fight scene...not to mention skill effect are so amazing. Far upgrade then their predecessor...but I missing one thing. That eerie feeling and dark environment of Diablo and Diablo 2. Other then that...everything is top notch. Gore factor is glorious, enemy number is countless, the big boss is insane...they chew, bite, explode, punch, hit and even devoured your char to death. For now they only introduce 2 playable class, Barbarian and Witch Doctor. I hope they still keep Sorcerer class. Witch Doctor similar to Necromancer class...only that they specialize in Fire and Poison spell(I think so..). They can summon creature to assist in combat. Their Zombie Wall are extremely useful but it makes the game look easy to beat. But it still look great non the less.

p/s: Anips...thanks for the info dude~!! XD

Part 1

Part 2


Friday, June 27, 2008

End of 2nd week internship

Got another 12 weeks left. Time sure moving fast nowadays. For this week... I don't really have any big task. Mr.Kafi just given me new design work today for YPJ Convocation Magazine cover. So thats my task for this week. On the after Mr.Kafi and me goes to Kompleks Belia dan Sukan to watch and cheer our officemates that involve in sport tournament. It hot like hell today. Everyone looks like grill shrimps. Kesian Ajim kener leg cramp...and Kak Fadh yg sedaya upaya defend bola. I didn't join any, you can expect that from me coz I'm not a sportmen...but I do exercise regularly.

Here some picture during the tournament and some piccies of my office.

Thats Kak Fadh nyer work place. *The one with plastic flower*

They place me at the middle.Thats my own comp...bring it from home.

My supervisor work place.


Aim Kak Fadh...lps tue shoot sampai kener kapal tebang!!!

Kak Fadh(left): Eh...?? Bola aku trapung arghh...takmo turun!!!
Ajim(right): Oiii alam semesta...kumpulkan tenaga jiwo kat tapak tgn ku inih!!! Hiarghhh!!!
En.Kafi(middle): Pebender diorang wat nieh????

Dibah sini Dibah...pass bola...weyh ko...tepi skit...weyh shoot bola tue....baling tgk org weyh...ehh ko saper weyh.... Keadaan penuh ceria di waktu perlawanan~!!

Bola tampar...kejap jer sebb panas giler kat dlm.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Unwanted Face teaser...kah kah kah

Small teaser. Coming soon...really really soon...this millennium. >:3


Morning mourning....

Arrived at my office around 7.45 usual. Office hour start 8.00 AM till 5.00 PM. So what am I gonna do today? For now I don't really know. I completed the diary design on Monday but I need redo...or should I say design all over again since one of the boss want his design using his reference diary not our one. Since everything I've done here goes inside my report and portfolio, I'm not that angry or frustrated...but I feel like I want to do more design job whether it small or big, got something to do with print or outside of it. So now I'm look forward for Corporate Video job that they still in progress of confirmation. It will involve huge budget...I'm quite sure bout that...(recall back while doing Video Post Production...pocket kering...*. Gonna continue writing around lunch time if got something interesting I wanna share. Hehehe... some samples of work that I've done so far~!! ^_^ Overall...11 layout in 2 days~!! XD;;

Monday, June 23, 2008

quick and fast

Gonna makes this fast and brief since its been ages since my last update. Ok...I'm in the office right now. The internet connection is not that the probability of getting disconnected are high. Currently I'm enjoying my internship in printing and publishing company. A week had passed but I feel like already work here for along time time coz the staff are super friendly and makes me easy to mix with them. So I guess I'm happy right now...tho I can foresee all the work load that I will having in this few weeks. Gonna do my best.

To all Digital Media classmates...enjoy your internship k. I really miss you guys so much. Makes DM proud!!! DM-ians ROXX!!!