Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adam Lambert - Ring of Fire

Hot Hot Hot!!!
From all seven season of American Idol, this gonna be listed among the most amazing performance from any American Idol contestant.
Fantasia - Summertime
Jennifer Hudson - Weekend in New England
The best male vocalize in American Idol so far and also the most talented.
I want his voice, that cloth, that glove, that hair...I want Adam.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When your stomach upset

You become extremely upset too...
I am


Saturday, March 21, 2009

DragonBall Evolution

So its finally being release after that long awaited years. I watch the movie few hour ago in Alamanda along my close buddy. I'm aware of all those bad feedback and critics I read in the internet but it won't affected me much. Ok, to be honest I did criticized the film a bit after watching the trailer. But then, I realize something after countless time replay the trailer. This movie is different. Its not the original DragonBall. Its the new story that loosely base from the original idea of DragonBall. Its the story about Goku and mystical ball that will grant any wishes when all the seven ball being gather. I like the movie for what it is. This is not "The Great Adventure of Goku and Friends" like being portray in the original manga. Even the creator, Akira sensei said this gonna be different, not entirely but particularly in term of story development and character. You know how crowded the manga with character, even at the beginning. How do you expect to put every single character to live action. There will be ALOT of dialog and script, and one thing for sure, it will lost it main focus...entirely. One more thing, this film is family oriented. Not a movie for xtreme fans, but a movie for everyone to enjoy. When I walk into the cinema, I say to myself..."This is a new movie to me...nothing to do with original anime/manga. I will watch the movie as if I don't know the whole story and idea of dragonball". And its work...in the end, I like the movie more then I could have. At least my RM10 worth of something, rather then spending it to some cholesterol fast food outlet.

Ok, some avid fans demanded that he knows all about DragonBall series and claim this film suck to the toilet bowl. Goku not supposed to be westerner, a student, like girl, wish to be normal, etc. This is what I have to say, first I know the original story also very well. Second this an adaptation, meaning the director and producer only extracted the idea of 7 DragonBall, character name and the villain while adding some twist in it. If they really use the original storyline/plot, then everything becoming more predictable and boring I might say. Seriously, if DragonBall series never existed, this movie gonna be a huge box-office phenomena. Fans put to much expectation that they loose it to their own belief.

Now about the casting:

Justin Chatwin as Goku
A job well done to him coz manage to portray the character fairly good. A very good looking Goku I might say. Most of the fans claim that Goku should be Asian. I say Why? Goku is not from earth, so the races that existed here won't applies to him. For me, he's an alien with the physical characteristic of human, plus the shape-shifting ability. Enough said. So this Goku is the one with human desire, able to love girl to be exact. Thats something nice to see for a change. At least I won't see the gluttonous Goku again. An aspect that makes the whole film very new.

James Marsters as Piccolo
From platinum white hair vampire to green evil wicked villain. The character doesn't have much development even with all those event flash back, but its still good.

Jamie Chung as Chi Chi
Sweet, sexy and talented martial artist. I know everyone falls for her after this movie, I'm one of them. This Chi Chi is different. She had aim, self control, motivation and courage contrast to over protective, love sick, queen control Chi Chi inside the manga.

Emmy Rossum as Bulma
Intelligent hot chicks with an attitude. I love it. And she really can fight. Not childish or cry baby. She still kept the original characteristic from the manga, to be rich,popular and successful. I won't argue with that. I think Emmy really suit this role.

Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi (Muten Roshi)
The closes character to the original manga eventho in term of appearance are totally different story. A younger version of Master Roshi is not so bad after all.

Joon Park as Yamcha
Totally different kind of Yamcha, I admit it. But at least he try his best to portray his role. Salute.

I won't do detail assessment for each character. XD

So how much I will rate this film, I could say, 4/5. I really appreciate the entertainment value and also the new story development. I know all those DIE HARD FANS gonna kick my ass but why must I say something else when the film itself gave me some joyful time. This brings me back when Final Fantasy The Spirit Within was release, everyone expect it to be like Final Fantasy series. But then most of them upset with the character, plot and world setting. The film became box office bomb. They even said its a disgraceful for FF series. Such a shame coz I thought the film was extremely brilliant...from character to storyline. Even Roger Ebert give 3.5/4 rating. What makes it even weirder, when Advent Children was release, many fans complain and not satisfied with the film production. Ok, I concluded that all these "fans always right" are all mindless people with an obsession that beyond the point of human sanity. Retard. Do they really understand all the hard work, time consuming, tension built up just to makes a film, importantly film base from adaptation? I'm very sure, if someone put a bunch of money, be it 100 mil or billion for this fans to create a good film...I bet no one can. No one dares. They just too afraid being shoot back by other stupid fans or end up producing a screw up pointless film. I can imagine another Ghost Rider...or even worse.

Many people will get enrage with my word but I will never took back what I already said. I have a very big ego...and I won't change my opinion easily. ;) Eat my words.

I wrote way too much. I end my word here. Need some sleep.

p.s: Yes...I hoping for another Dragonball Evolution sequel. Hehehe.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

I stand

I stand
No longer crawling
I look above
No longer look below
I start to walk
With my shadow as loyal companion
I humming my favorite lullaby
Spirit of bird chirping and fly sky high
From behind the mighty smoky white cloud
The ray of sun shine with vibrant golden color
Spread it pure light and warm across the field
Upon my face, body and soul
My shadow vanished and become an entity under my feet
I realize
My confident slowly materialized from the depth of my heart
Slowly and surely
Reveals it true form
A form that I recognize in an instant
A form
Of my own self
He smile, I smile
The form came closer
Kissing my forehead and whisper
"Never give up...you a strong person"
I listen
"I will support and be with you forever, to guide"
I close my self...concentrate
"Because I love you, myself...more then anything else"
I gasp
I look up and watch the form face, my face...
He gave me the most encouraging smile
Slowly merging it self with my body
My form, myself...other self
had return to me
My Confident


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm scared
I don't know where my confident go
It feels bad doing something that I don't really know whether I can complete it or not
Try to escape
But theres no route for me to choose
Try to forget
But at the back of my mind thing going worse
Try to work it out
But I don't know what am I suppose to do
Try and try and try...
And I keep falling and raise myself again, falling again...
I choose to crawl
Without looking above anymore


Sunday, March 15, 2009


of works...
I'm still breathing ok...
not nearly dead yet...
for a while
i guess...


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Soleil Soleil (New Single 2009)

I am extremely happy now. :D

*edit: Youtube had remove the video...copyright issues.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Dulu and Sekarang

Balik JB aritue dok bongkar sumer album lamer pastue dok gelak sengsorang...jadah tul. Hahaha. Man...some picture really freaks me out. Macam tak nak caya tue aku...tapi still kener caya gak. My god, I am so extremely dark. Dah macam org berjemur setahun...berkilat lak tue. Rambut pon tak boleh blah lak...setepek kat kepala cam kener lumur gam. My other sibling pon muker jenis kronik time dlm gambo nie. Nak wat senyum tp tambah lg kronik. Nie gambo tahun bile mmg tak baper ingat...tp from that popeye(OMGWTF...) shirt I wear...around 1998 maybe. Time UPSR gitu gaknyer. My big bro pon tgh gemuk sesangat time nie...serius. Yg lain cam cicak kobeng. I'm like 45kg...kulit ngan tulang doh. Time nie bleyh la pinggang 24-28 gitu.Hmpphh...skang trus 33. RIndu giler kat courters bungalow lamer nie. This haunted house byk sgt kenangan indah, tak berapa indah, separa indah, kelam kelam gitu indah, tak indah, horror indah, nightmare indah, and total nightmare. Sofa tue pon dah bagi kampung. Berparty jap orang jawa kat kampung nun saner.

See what happen now. Biler technology plastic surgery di introduce, makanyer kami telah menggunakan sebaik baiknya. So extreme makeover are actually true.

p.s: Entry nie just sesuker jer. Kepala tgh tak baper center. Tader niat nak kutuk adik beradik sebb kalau jumper mmg dok kutuk 24 jam. >8D


I love Casper back during my childhood time and even more love it after saw the film. Among my favourite top list film of all time. Chritina Ricci was so damn cute, and for a "normal" boy during that time, I really had big crush on her(and still). Devon Sawa use to be very charming(I admit it now, but I never saw that hotness before...I was 9 years old "normal" boy anyway that time) back then, and I just realize that he had this "prince-like and gentle" feature that makes all girl go head over heel for him, Mr.Heartthrob.

This got to be my favourite scene from the film. So sweet. Hehehe.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


So, I just realize I've been driving illegally for the past 2 month without even knowing my driving license already expired(1/1/2009). Consider my self lucky passing JPJ/Traffic police without any problem all this while. And it feels good. >:D


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy 48th Birthday Ibu.
Semoga dipanjangkan umur dah dimurahkan rezeki
Diberikan kesihatan dan kehidupan yang sempurna
Diberkati setiap kerja dan ibadahmu.
Terima kasih atas segala sokongan dan dorongan moral yang tak terbalas oleh wang ringgit.

You're the best mom and always be that I've ever had.

Anak mak katakan...sama-sama rabun.

An old picture I took from family album. Thats my big bro, and my mom is 24 years old during this pic was taken if not mistaken.