Monday, July 28, 2008

Drowning down to the hell of flooding water...

Pissed off...
What do you want me to be?
Is it not enough of what I am NOW?
I try my best for not letting you down but condemnation is what I get from you.
Why? Am I that bad?
Or you the one who didn't know how to judge between polite and "queer".

Title: Licelyn


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nothing better to do...

I was bored like hell in the office today. Spend most of my time in front of photoshop doing some digital sketch and coloring. Good for practicing this crude hand and coloring skill that has rusted for ages. Gladly my officemate keep me accompany for the whole day and we chat, laugh and gossiping all day long. Hope tomorrow got something to do or else I end up become rotten potato inside the cold office room.


Workload in a week...

Artwork spree!! Everything shown here are 2 weeks work., plus 2 sleepless night...~!! XD

Job for Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Johor

Job for Sekolah Rendah Kopok...( first I thought they were kidding..but it was the school real name)

This 2 are my personal project. Gonna draw all the staff in this office, total 12 people not including myself. Manage to complete 2 so far...and gonna continue another one today if doesn't have any job from Mr.Kafi. :D

So currently I'm quite free from any work or job after 2 week of struggling with last minute/rejected/redo artwork. Waiting for another task from my advisor, he said yesterday that Hospitality Institute has a job involve digital sketching that he wanna pass it to me. I'm so eager to do it coz if not I will die of boredom.

Will continue blogging in the weekend. :D



Friday, July 18, 2008

Strange Fruit - Nina Simone

By far...the most depressing song I ever heard. Nina Simone voice makes the song more depth and poignant. First time listen to the song I just sit quietly and watch the video...I just can't imagine how sad and depressing it is.


Seven trees
Bearin strange fruit
Blood on the leaves
And blood at the roots
Black bodies
Swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hangin
From the poplar trees
Pastoral scene
Of the gallant south
Them big bulging eyes
And the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolia
Clean and fresh
Then the sudden smell
Of burnin flesh
Here is a fruit
For the crows to pluck
For the rain to gather
For the wind to suck
For the sun to rot
For the leaves to drop
Here is
Strange and bitter crop

Original sang by: Billie Holiday


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


*Entry nie ditulis dalam bahasa rojak, harap maklum dan sedia dimaklumkan dan makluman...*

Semalam balik dari opis trus gie KFC. Sebelom tue tepon adik kat umah tanyer ader food ker tak. And just like I predict mmg tader makanan. Ibu lak involve ngan pembungkusan kat Mersing so mmg tak masak per per. Jadiknyer trus la drive gie KFC Persada..tue yg paling dekat. Beli aper yg patut...actually terbeli byk tp taper kot. Leyh wat lauk arinie. So tiba umah clearkan meja makan sumer, buang lauk basi, leftover, jadah jadah sumer...siap kener attack with agas. Pifff tul la. Sib baik ibu dah masak nasik so tader la nak ratah ayam jer...kembang tekak. Soh si Bab makan diernyer Xmeal pastue tunggu 6.45p.m nak gie amik Bib sekolah lak. Mlm tue sementara tunggu ibu sampai umah...basuh la sumer baju kotor ngan ampai skali so tak yah la nak basuk esok paginyer. Gie tampal road tax baru...hehehe..tue pon sebb ayah ingatkan. Mampos aku tatau yg dah drive keter ngan road tax dah mati 2 ari. Ibu sampai from Mersing around 9.00p.m so we dinner together gether. Serius mlm tadi lapo sgt dok tibai nasik ngan ayam cam org dah kebulur seminggu. Siap kemas meja sumer naik atas gie bilik solat Isyak pastue bubum. Si Bab ngah siapkan keje Powerpoint dier...malas nak kaco so biarkan jer. Ibu tumpang bilik skali nak sejuk sejukkan badan...(pasang air-cond) Sambil tue borak borak la. Tanyer pasal keje sumer. Aderlah skit arguement tp yes, what mom said is true all along. But I don't have any power to voice it out coz its already inside my contract. So what I can do now just kept silent and do whatever task that relevant and within my capability without much thinking of the other side of the outcome. Father also says the same thing few days back...and I do quite perplex with the whole situation I'm in right now.
I really hope that I can finish up this big project without leaving any burden to other people.

Per per pon...kener selalu senyum so tak obvious sgt mood tgh tak baper btul. Tul tak?
*pic after month intern*


Monday, July 14, 2008

Love letter and surat wasiat

I receive it quite a handful this morning. Go through one by one and digesting all the information and detail needed for the task I'm currently progressing. So basically I just need do some organizing with the content and transition. Its gonna be a long day for me. It is Monday and I will make sure that 70% of the draft finish by today. Squeeze every bit of creativity and imagination from my inner brain cells and pour it on to this corporate video thingy.

I wake up critically late this morning...7.30 a.m and my office hour is 8.00 a.m. Panicking like hell I rush to the toilet, buffalo bath, shave here and there and wear my cloth. Run downstairs, salam my parent, my mom in relax manner says" Awal lagi la An...". The clock shows 7.50 a.m. Nearing puke myself coz all the rush and my stomach is not so friendly to add more worse to the scenario. I took the car key and drive myself to the office hoping that I'm able to reach before 8.00 a.m...and gladly I arrive just in time, 7.59 a.m. My supervisor off from work for 3 days so he leave me some work to do during his absent. Gonna work my ass off...yeah!!!

Its almost a month working in this company and what I gain are priceless experience and I do enjoy every bit of second working here. Theres time of high and low...but thats what working environment is all about. I hearted everything including all the super friendly staff.

Need to start working now. At least before lunch hour I'm able to settle 40% of it. Yoshh~!!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kobayashi Sachiko

My fave performance.

Look at the costume....


Watching screen monitor with empty stare and my brain cells processing all those irrelevant data. I'm off from work today coz it public holiday for Johor. Browsing the net to find any good material for my work so that I don't need to suffer the OMGSLOWCONNECTION in the office tomorrow. I'm working with Corporate Video right now and you know what, it's fully done in flash. Though I was given option to use Premier and After Effect but without the necessary material provide, video etc... I can't really complete the video. So I decided my self to try using flash and see the result. I can control all the animation without worrying to screw up everything. Eventho right now its only draft stage...but still I feel like working the final one...and its reaching 2000-3000 frame. So I can expect around 15000 frame for the whole 10 minutes video and my flash gonna scream terrifyingly.

Below is Corporate Profile job that I've done.

First design...reject

Second one...satisfied a bit


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Work load...and PC pissed off...

Its weekend, I got many things to do and this PC really pissed me off. CD-ROM is not working...I was like what the fuck. I really really need to do some design work or else I'll cramp myself with mountain of work piling in the office. This PC doesn't have Adobe Illustrator for god sake. Need to download and it will took all my sweet time waiting for it to complete. I'm getting really serious with my internship now. Times works againts me...rushing with DEADlines...idea being drained from my brain. Everything around seem like wanna makes me halt from become progressive. Even Illustrator CS3 in office is now corrupted....

Work need to complete next week: ITP Corporate Profile, 5-6 pages
Tadika Hikmah banner: 2-3 design


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cramp finger...

Spend the whole day just to draw this zapin dancer outline. After so long, my Wacom tablet finally become really useful. Picture below are fully draw in photoshop using tablet. Theres a slight changes from the first image to the last one. See the detail improve from image to image and when my hand get use to handling the pen...the detail becoming more and more obvious. I'm a bit relief that my drawing and coloring skill doesn't really faded out...and I'm quite amaze that I manage to color one of the pic quite well. Anyway...this outline is purposely for Yayasan Warisan Johor invitation card. I'm assisting my advisor in creating the card.